Hope Tarot

Where light leads you, you’re never astray

Hey! You can call me Hope
I’m a tarot card reader
And my mission is to use my gift to bring insight, guidance, and healing to others.
I’ve been a reader since 2018, and it’s my passion. I find joy in helping those around me. My page is meant to be a safe place for every community, and those to feel comfortable and secure here.
Please treat others with kindness - I do collective readings on my page, but for a personal session with me - PLEASE SCROLL TO THR RIGHT PAGE FOR PRICING and HOW TO BOOK A READING!

How to Book a Reading with Me


Yes or no $3.33

Detail one question $5.00

Messages from your person $7.00

What does your spirit guides want you to know? - $15.00

Wounded feminine reading - $30.00
(Healing for your wounded feminine, how to heal, moving forward, lessons to learn, what you need hear, are you on the right path?)

Wounded masculine reading -$30.00
(Healing your wounded masculine, how to heal, moving forward, lessons to learn, what you need to hear, are you on the right path?)

10 minute readings - $20.00
- answer your question in detail, and channeling messages you need to hear.

15 minute readings $30.00
- Maximum question is 3.

30 minute readings - $45.00
Maximum question is 5.

45 minute readings - $60.00
Maximum question is 7.

An hour reading - $80.00
Maximum question is 9.

Emergency readings - same day - is a fee of $7.00

The waiting period is two to five days.
I do most of my readings through audio recording and I send them directly to your email or phone number provided. (Please provide both just in case)

Special offer - if you want a phone reading that will be a $10 extra. (Please provide this in the email, if this is what you choose) We may discuss available time options.

My time zone currently is EST/ EDT, I am located in America so please be respectful of any time zone differences. My time zone will change and for any updates I will inform you on those changes.


Email me at valerieplantaud@yahoo.com

My cashapp is: Valerieplantaud
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/valerieplantaud

Down below is what’s needed in the email in order to book your reading!

Please provide your name
(Any names of the people involved)

Zodiac signs (optional if you know their’s)

Description/context of your question(s) and situation you want me to answer. (Less than 300 words/ a sentence or a paragraph is fine.)

Your questions

A screenshot of the payment from either cashapp or PayPal.

Phone number (for security, so I may send you the reading if anything occurs.)

Within 24 hours you should receive a confirmation email saying that I have received your payment. If I was unable to receive payment within the 24 hours it will be cancelled.

External link


1. All payment are non-refundable.
2. You’re responsible for what you do outside of the reading. What you choose to do with information I have disclosed is up to you only. You’re responsible for your own actions, and feelings once the session is over.
3. I do not tolerate any form of disrespect before, during and after the reading. You will be blocked, and the reading will be finished if you’re not able to behave properly and respectfully.
4. Do not shoot the messenger if I provide answers to you that you don’t like. I am channeling, reading and using my gifts to aid you not antagonize you. It’s nothing personal - I am objective - so whatever you hear is not my responsibility, I’m just the messenger.
5. I will not do a reading without payment first.
6. Please follow directions throughly on the pricing and instruction page.
7. Do not rush me, the waiting period is two to five days if it’s not an emergency reading.
8. If you’re late after five minutes for your phone reading - it will be cancelled. Please be considerate of others who are waiting patiently for your slot, and readings. Time is valuable, so please don’t waste my time or anyone else’s time who is waiting.
9. I do not provide sex readings/ legal consultations/ pregnancy/health readings too.
10. Don’t ask my personal opinion as I do not want to put my two cents as I am objective. I am not your moral compass - please have a consciousness of your own right and merit.