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— about me ;

> basics ;

→ name : i go by multiple names, mainly josh/ie and mick/ey. to see a full list of all nick/names i am comfy with/use, click the link below. my dn (display name) will be whatever name i am currently most comfortable with.
→ pronouns / identity : i am a soft trans boy. pronouns are strictly he/him/his.
→ sexual orientation : queer/mlm.
→ signs : leo sun, libra moon, gemini ascendant.
→ things i love : rain/storms, my friends, video/iphone games, dogs, cartoons, sleeping, halloween, the color blue, space/stars, stuffed animals, music/bands, poetry.
→ things to note : i am incredibly shy, awkward, and nervous. i lack a lot of social skills and have issues expressing myself. i am also very sensitive and will often take things to heart. i apologize if i ever misunderstand a joke or misread a situation/tweet/etc.

my names list

main stans + biases ;

> music ;

→ waterparks ; geoffrey wigington
→ twenty one pilots ; joshua dun
→ weathers ; brennan bates
→ wallows ; braeden lemasters
→ fall out boy/patrick stump ; peter wentz

> tv shows/movies ;

→ what’s new scooby doo ; shaggy rogers + scoobert doo
→ spongebob squarepants ; squidward tentacles
→ supernatural ; dean winchester + castiel
→ bojack horseman ; princess carolyn, diane nguyen, + todd chavez
→ house md. ; lisa cuddy, stacy warner, gregory house, + robert chase
→ steven universe ; garnet
→ friends ; monica geller, chandler bing, + phoebe buffay
→ regular show ; mordecai + skips (shoutout benson)
→ marvel cinematic universe (mcu) ; thor odinson, bruce banner, steve rogers, + peter parker

> youtubers/people ;

→ john mulaney
→ danny gonzalez
→ kurtis conner
→ drew golden
→ cody ko
→ moriah elizabeth
→ good mythical morning ; link neal, stevie levine, + chase hilt
→ dan and phil ; phillip lester
→ eddy burback
→ jarvis johnson

> video games ;

→ stardew valley ; sam, shane, + marnie
→ dream daddy ; hugo vega
→ animal crossing ; goldie

— my interests ;

> music : bring me the horizon, make out monday, happy., yungblud, wstr, frank iero, best coast, i don’t know how but they found me, swmrs, in this moment, all time low, ashnikko, chapel, johnny goth, honey moon, not alone, dayglow, worst party ever, the polar boys, endeavor, vansire, yellow days, parks squares and alleys, boy pablo.

> favorite movies : the adventures of milo and otis, animated scooby-doo movies, dirty dancing, sixteen candles, pretty in pink, the breakfast club, less than zero, love simon, shrek, shrek 2, detective pikachu, the spongebob squarepants movie, missing link, knives out, abominable, uglydolls, coraline, corpse bride, the nightmare before christmas.

> tv shows : tuca and bertie, black butler, beastars, death note, home movies, china il, your pretty face is going to hell, the big bang theory, game shows, food network programs, cupcake and dino, black mirror, rick and morty, wilfred, + many cartoons.

> video games : super mario (includes luigi, toad, + wario games), pokémon, sonic, sally face, fran bow, huniepop, the sims, papa louie, west of loathing.

> please note : i am interested in plenty of things not listed here. if you want to know if i’m interested in or like something, please ask.

— before you follow ;


→ you are lgbtphobic in any way.
→ racist/sexist/misogynistic/etc.
→ you are a terf.
→ you are a hesbian/non binary lesbian and/or xenogender anti.
→ you are a pedophile.
→ you ship incest/pedophilia (even if it is as a coping mechanism).
→ or if you support/condone ANY of these behaviors.
> if you bully me/my friends, regularly try to invalidate others, or purposely misgender me/my friends i will unfollow/mute/block you.

> things to note ;