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My Top Picks

The biggest question I get is: Where to start?

Let’s dive deep into our toxic free, clean ingredient, vegan, and gluten free bundles

The Safe Haven Bundle

Five products might not seem like much but trust me they are mighty! These powerful tools can clean up to 90% of your home by just adding water!

The kitchen Towels

As summer continues to fly by and the cookout continue, I'm reminded why I love my KITCHEN TOWELS so much - they are perfect for wiping hands while grilling outside, drying the dishes, to cleaning up spilled messes!!

Without our super absorbent kitchen towels, our hands will not dry sonic speed fast, still have bacteria on them, spilled messes will not be cleaned up and dishes will not be dried at warp speed!

Plus, Kitchen Towels even:

Save time
Do not grow bacteria in them
Save money
Save the environment with chemical-free cleaning
Eliminate the use of paper towels.

Bonus!!!! Less lint than traditional cotton cloths, so these towels and cloths help provide a friendlier environment for allergy-sensitive individuals.

The Face + Body Cloths

I LOVE the Face + Body Cloth! Did you know this can be used with JUST WATER! That's right?!?! No soap people! The cloth is meant to replace a washcloth, soap and/or bath sponge.

I love washing my face and body with this cloth. I used to have the driest skin + this has made such a difference. My kids also had dry skin and washing their bodies with no soap has helped them Tremendously.

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