House of Cassiopeia

An Industrial Organizational Psychology graduate student and aspiring actor who is about to embark on a whole new journey once she steps off stage this Summer 2021!

This blog will essentially focuses on my journey as a graduate student as well as my other interests (fashion, books, interior design, foodies, health & wellness).

*I will even share my favorite local hotspots in my city of Chicago!

Furthermore, this blog will also highlight my career moves and any other adversities that I may encounter post grad (promise that you will learn vicariously through me).

House of Cassiopeia is not just a blog and my personal journal, but rather my experiences that I cannot wait to share with you one story at a time.

**Note: Everything I post is blogging purposes only. I am not affiliated with any of the stores I’ve purchased items from or the charitable causes I speak about (maybe one day). I am merely here to express my love for them and sharing that love with you!

With that said, let this blog commence!

With love,


My Top Picks

Book Recommendations

I am an avid book reader and below are my top book recommendations for the month in hopes to busy your mind for self-care purposes!

Outliers: The Story of Success

Brief summary from the site below:

Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers examines the nature of success using various success stories as case studies. Gladwell begins by exploring what we tend to think about particularly successful people: famous athletes, multi-millionaires, Nobel Prize winners, or titans of business, for example.

He notes that we tend to believe in the predominance of “individual merit.” We believe people are unusually successful because they are unusually gifted. They possess innate talent, drive, and determination, and they are rewarded with great success.

*If you’re curious about what qualifies someone’s to be successful, then this book is for you!

Link Below

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Brief summary from the site below:

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire is a romantic novel about Abby and Travis, two young people who fall in love against all odds. After meeting, Abby and Travis quickly become friends. However, he doesn’t believe in relationships, and she just wants to escape the past. Neither plan to fall in love. When they do, they must learn to overcome their fears because they know that they belong together.

“Beautiful Disaster” is an inspiring love story about a couple with troubled pasts learning to trust and rely on one another in order to build a future together.

*If you’re a romance novel fanatic, then this one is for you!

Link Below

Sapiens: A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

What does it mean to be human? In a sweeping narrative spanning two and half million years of human evolution, Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari weaves insights from science and the humanities together to answer to what it means to be human.

* If you’re interested in the progression of humankind, then this book is for you!

Link Below

Quotes of the day

Be mindful that vibes don’t lie and to keep on during times of adversity...

My Top Picks


Below I’ve added my favorite jewelry sites that gives you a glamorous yet subtle glow.

*My recent purchases are listed in the three recommended buys.


Local Eclectic - Solid Gold Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

The Solid Gold Shimmering White
Sapphire Pendant Necklace
Listed for $165

I love all their jewelry options, but this particular necklace is a stunner.

It’s very delicate, simple, and also sparkly!
I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and it even goes with everything.

This number looks great layered or solo. They were sold out a few times and finally they are back in stock and still one of their best sellers!

Link provided*


The Delight 32 Chelsea Watch is elegant, stunning, and simple. You can definitely wear this watch dressed up or down.

I prefer the gold look with the black face, but the site definitely has a variety of styles that fit for everyone.

A bit pricey, but well worth the investment!

Price $199

Link Below

Pawsome Couture

For those animal lovers: Teeny Tiny Paw Necklace is perfect for those who have their furry loved ones waiting for them at home.

This necklace comes in three different colors 18k (gold vermeil, sterling silver, and rose gold vermeil)

Unfortunately, my furry baby passed away but what better way to remember her with a cute paw necklace. I can even engrave (no additional fee) her name on the paw for remembrance!

*Miss you baby cuddles!!!

Price $37.00

Link Below

My Top Picks


I love and live for makeup and skincare!

I wish I knew when I was younger how much skincare regiment will be an important daily routine as I got older.

Now, I am realizing the importance of taking care of my skin with the proper skincare products and regiment.

Below are skincare products I’ve used and saw great results. I try to keep things within budget, but there are some that are worth the investments due to how my skin looks and feels.


My makeup collection has grown a lot as adult. Even though I don’t go out much, I do enjoy putting some glam on every now & then.

Below are some of my favorite brands from eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, highlighters, bronzers and blushes.


When it comes to fragrances, I prefer floral scents that are medium strength. Scents that linger and doesn’t irritate the eyes or skin are superb in my opinion. Check out my collections listed with a brief description of their scent!

Below are my recent purchases!

Fenty Skin

Fenty Beauty lover over here!
I just recently purchased the cleanser and SPF30 from the Fenty Skin line by Rihanna.

I have yet to try them, but the importance of skin upkeeps are essential as you age. Furthermore, SPF should be in your daily moisturizers as it protects your skin from the suns UVA and UVB rays. I personally wear sunscreen all year long and preserve its elasticity as much as I can.

•Total Cleans’r Remove - It - All Cleanser
Price $25

•Hydra Visor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen
Price $35

Link Below

Honeymoon Glow

Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum with Hydrating Honey & Gentle Flower Acids

This stuff is amazing and makes your skin so youthful looking. This product reminds me of the Sunday Riley’s “Good Genes”.

Although, it’s a bit pricey but the results makes the investments worth it!

Price $58.00
15% off by signing up for marketing text messages.

Link Below!

Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

I was a bit skeptical about all the hype of this product on Instagram, but when I saw this on the shelves at Sephora I had to try it.

I’m so glad I did because it smells lovely like ((sunshine and coconuts)).

Body sprays tend to dissipate after some time, but this stays on like perfume! 

•Animal Cruelty
•Vegan Friendly
•Sustainable Resource

Price $32.00

Link Below!

It Cosmetics

Bye Bye -Under Eye Corrector
Original Price $29.00
Sale Price $14.50

I consider this my holy grail of concealers!

I’ve purchased two (rich) color for restock purposes because nothing else compares.

Blends in very well and conceals to the full extent!

They’re (out of stock) with their other two color selections. Be on the lookout for restocks!

Bobbi Brown Makeup

I love Bobbi Brown’s eye shadow collection!
Ember Lights Eye Pallet
Original price $29.00
Sale Price $14.50

*Currently sold out but be on the look out for restocks!

Link Below

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I’ve got a collection growing, but my everyday would be the Soft Glam. I love the neutral look and the shades bring out my eyes without trying so hard. It is definitely the neutral eyeshadow palette for everyday to night wear as the say on their site!

Price $45.00

Link Below

My Top Picks

Home Interior

I have a knack for interior decorating and is a side hobby of mine. I really love the farmhouse look with a mixture of a modern feel.

Below are my favorite pieces to add for in the home. They are a combination of decors, candles, furniture, and bedding.

* All links are provided below each descriptions.

Weighted Blankets

Brookstone Innovations (sold by kohl’s)
(The calming weighted blanket)

Original Price $79.99-99.99
Sale Price $67.99-84.99
•Prices are according to weight
12/15/18/20 LBs

This blanket is amazing...
I was having issues sleeping throughout the night due to terrible anxiety.

After some time researching on the positive affects of weighted blankets, I decided to purchase one for myself.

I bought the 15LB (Taupe) and it is a game changer. I slept through the night and probably tossed around couple times, but not as frequent. *For once, I felt very comfortable in bed.

The best part about this brand is that the casing is washable!

*Link Below

D&W Candles

D&W Candles are my absolute favorite candles for the home. I have quite a few and I can’t stop buying more. They have a variety of scents and they linger for hours!

I especially love the Sandalwood Myrrh
(crackle candle wicks)

Below is one of my other favorites.
It’s a mixture of sweet and fruity scent that gets a lot of attention from friends.

Price $14.00

Link Below

Wayfair- Lorraine 60” TV stand

The Lorraine 60” tv stand is from Wayfair and it is absolutely gorgeous in person. The photo in the bio is actually mine!

It’s easy to assemble and has enough shelf space. The only downside is that shelf space can be a bit small for electronic items (big dvd player). I do use it to store my dvd collection in the inner most shelves and decors on the outer for looks and feels.

Original Price $289.99
Sale Price $185.99

Link Below

Poster Store

I love wall art!

I particularly love the Frida Floral piece. The Poster Store has a variety of posters ranging from scenic to abstracts & quotes. They even sell frames of different sizes and styles. Check them out!

•A lot of their posters are currently on sale.

Original Price: $13.95
Sale Price $9.77

Link Below

Quote of the day



Clothes & Shoes

I have an eclectic taste in fashion and I seem to be all over the place with it. I love simplicity, but I’m not afraid to go bold.

Below are some of my favorite purchases from simple & comfort to bold & glamorous.

Welcome to my closet!

x Biltmore® Panama Hat by MADEWELL

I love wearing hats purely because it provides shade for my face. I’m all about preserving my facial skin and maintaining minimal exposure to sunlight.

The x Biltmore® Panama Hat by MADEWELL gives me that shade I crave and compliments the outfits I wear. This particular hat brand was worn by the Duchess of Sussex and I really like how she pulls it off with any look. This hat is versatile and would be my go-to for many occasions!

Currently in stock at Nordstrom
Price $58.00

Link Below!

Fortunate One: Agatha Maxi Dress

Agatha Maxi Dress-Mocha

I love the soft color of the Agatha Maxi in Mocha. This dress I can see fit well with gold jewelry, but not too much to take away the focus.

Price $106 (Sold Out)

You can sign up to be on the waitlist, which I did for myself. I can see myself in this as a dinner dress outdoor dining!


Browsing around for a dinner dress that’s less relaxed and satin. I came across this beauty and had research a little more. It’s a high/low dress (perfect for my 5’1 frame) with a invisible zipper in the back. It’s your classic wrap dress great for fancy evenings.

Apparently, (back in stock) and very popular. I need to snag this ASAP for my late spring vacation.

Price $49.95

Link Below!

Fortunate One: Cruise Control- Midi Dress

Another cute dress I found on the Fortunate One site. I love the slit and the colors will suit me perfectly!

Cruise Control
Price $52.00

Link Below

Fortunate One: Look through my eye’s-playsuit-Sage

Look through my eyes (playsuit) in sage by Fortunate One is beautiful and simple!

As I am browsing through their site for some fresh spring/summer outfits, I came across this little number and a few others!

Their clothing is a bit pricey but the quality is great!

Price: $75.00

Link Below

Nasty Gal - Puff Sleeve Knit Sweater And Matching Joggers Set

Just received my Puff Sleeve Knit Sweater And Matching Joggers Set by Nasty Gal and it is so comfy!

*I bought the same color indicated in the photo and two other loungewear designs.

I love their loungewear and majority of them are on sale!

Price $75.00
Sale Price $37.50

Link Below


The ever so popular Birdies flats!
*Duchess of Sussex is notable for walking around in these.

I’ve purchased The Huron in Black Velvet and Olive Green Velvet.

•The Huron in Olive Green
Original Price $95
On Sale for $75

•The Huron in Black
Price $95

*Olive Green seems to always be sold out so be on the lookout for when they’re back in stock!

From their site: Get the support of a sneaker, the softness of a slipper, and the style of a designer flat with our exclusive comfort technology. All Birdies feature soft quilted satin, dual-layer high-density memory foam, shock absorption, and arch & heel support.

Link Below

Petal and Pup

The BARKER DRESS - PINK is back in stock!

I’ve been browsing through my favorite site for maxi dresses by Petal + Pup to prep for an upcoming trip to Santa Barbara.

They have a variety of styles and other clothing items aside from dresses, but this one caught my eye!

Price: $59.95

Link Below

Badgley Mischka: Cher II Sparkling Stilettos

*Badgley Mischka just recently added this pretty number to the collection.

I typically try not to wear heels all the time due to not feeling comfortable in them. Although, these would be great wedding heals, I wouldn’t mind wearing them out for Girls Night.

They’re a bit pricey, but sometimes you’ve got to say YES to the heals!

Price $265

Link Below

Quote of the day


Quote of the Day

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

M.E. Writes...


Hey there!

((Hold on... Where’s my coffee??))

Okay, I am back!

In this section you’ll find different links of experiences I’ve chosen to share with you. Let’s just call it “my stories”. I promise to keep them entertaining, informative and meaningful.

I may have my venting hours in here, but those will be short and meaningful I’m some way.

My stories will reflect on many different types of topics such as graduate school, career, personal, and goals I wish to achieve.

As promised from yours truly, you will learn through my experiences vicariously. I will provide my advice, tips & tricks depending on the topic.

So enjoy clicking a link and tell me what you think!


I get asked this question all the time “How did you do it?” In regards to putting my full focus on school, especially graduate school.

Well to be transparent, I wanted to do other things aside from focusing on school. I was really invested in hanging out with my friends. You’ll would always find me at friends houses and as they got older, got married and had kids, I would be that singleton still finding ways to fit myself in their schedule.

At that time I had no idea where I was going with my life, so doing things to occupy my mind such as hanging out with friends became the ideal. When my friends slowly drifted in their own direction (avoiding my calls or canceling plans), this left me to myself a lot. This did a number on my mental health.

I spent majority of my late 20’s and early 30s to myself. This is where I began to really think of what I wanted to do with my life. So to help with my loneliness, I focused on two aspects I passionately love doing (acting and school).

As I completed my undergraduate degree, I felt I was on top of the world for once. Even though my support system was minimal, I was okay with it. The self confidence came back in full force and so did my urge to try graduate school.

I took a chance and applied for a dual degree in I/O and Legal Studies at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Santa Barbara Law School. Although I was excited to apply, I also didn’t think I would get in. Long story short, I forgot all about my applications, two weeks went by, and I was notified several times that I got into both schools.

Now, as I can fully reflect and realize that my friendships were not as genuine as I thought, but if it wasn’t for such circumstances to happen, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now.

With that said, I am thankful of the fall outs. If it didn’t happen then this chapter of my life would probably never been fully accomplished. A sense of freedom that is well deserved is now in my forefront.

Thank you!

The Solo Trip - Santa Barbara

A graduation gift to myself is a trip to Santa Barbara California. I have never been to California and wanted to be by water, so Santa Barbara was the right fit for me.

This will be my first solo trip. I made sure to book the trip in a very nice/safe location. I’m practically in walking distance to everything.

My 4- Star hotel is All-Inclusive
•Pool (Heated)
•Free WiFi
•24 Hour Services

The best part is that the hotel is right across from the beach!

My planned Itinerary:
•Exploring all the cool beaches
•Sterns Warf
•State Street (shopping & dining)
•Wine Tasking (The Funk)
•Santa Barbara Zoo
•Whale Watching
•Botanic Gardens “remember to bring your camera Lou”
•Wine Tasing in the Country Side of SB

I figured that when I’m not exploring, it’s hanging by the pool or skip on over to the beach...

I finally end my last semester of course work mid April and have to fulfill one more 300 hours of internship for the summer. I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate my last semester of course work.

Graduated 🎓

Now, welcome to the job hunting process!

I have finally graduated from grad school with a business degree. Specifically, it is a master in Industrial and Organizational Psychology degree.

I am thrilled to be over with the school portion and can finally say “goodbye” to those discussion posts forever!

The next step for me was to find a job right? I thought this process was going to be easy. I thought that having a masters was going to be my complete “in” to any organization.

Boy was I wrong!

I have managed to score a few interviews, declined a few offers, and been rejected from a lot of others. It’s only been two months of job hunting, but I still have yet to score one.

(I’ll get into this more on my next blog entry)

I have applied to numerous organizations in various fields:


*Where I want to be is in consulting.

Things I have done before my job hunt (Important):

1. Updated my resume (29) times.
2. Revamped my Cover Letter (11) times.
3. Reached out to my Career Service Advisor to discuss the types of jobs that would be a great fit for me and what to expect from the interview process .
4. I have also made a word doc (script) of what I am going to say in an interview. I figured this would help me feel more comfortable and prepared. (I googled typical questions asked on an interview, wrote what I would say, and rehearsed with my Career Advisor.)

*If you have trouble with interviews and bringing in that presence of knowing what to say and how to say it, then I would recommend creating a script.

End Note: Before applying you should update your resume, create a compelling cover letter, and seek guidance from someone who is an expert on interviewing skills and (all of the above).

*Below I have provided a linked (free resume builder) site where you can find all types of templates for your resume. This is what I used to structure mine according industry standards.

*My next blog will go into my endless search for the perfect job, interviews, testing, the endless crying sessions, and how to combat job hunting exhaustion.

Stay tuned!

October Update:

I have been MIA! I’ve been busy applying i several jobs in and out of the state. I have been focusing on positions within my degree and it has been an experience.

Below are positions and industry’s I’ve applied to:

1. Healthcare
2. Management Consulting
3. Technology
4. Behavioral Health
5. Recruiting
6. Airline

I have had several interviews and completing rounds as of today. Once, I hear back on the status, I will definitely highlight that experiences here.