The Clinic

House Of Skincare is a professional skin clinic owned by Alexis, set within a private location in Kingsteignton. Delivering a results driven skincare experience, balanced with tranquility that promises to make you feel better & more confident about the skin you’re in.

With over 8 years industry experience, I knew that I wanted to create a safe haven for you to be able to open up about your skin. Taking the time for yourself isn’t always that easy, I want you to be able to sit back and relax knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Your journey through the clinic firstly begins with a consultation, a chance to unwind, I will get to know you, & what result you’d like to achieve with your skin. I care & advise accordingly for each individual, adapting a home care regime to suit you. An in clinic treatment guide consisting of Alexis’ signature facial programme & pressure point massage is advocated to give your skin the ultimate hands on experience.

All enquiries via email: alexis@houseofskincare.co.uk.

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A YouTube channel featuring live videos, skincare regimes, skincare tips & clinical treatments by HOUSE OF SKINCARE.

My Story!

My Current At Home Facial Regime

A Blog dedicated to my personal skin story!

My Skin Story..🌟
‘Acne, why me? why did you choose my face to cover? why am I the only person in my family to get it? Mum, Dad & my brother haven’t got it so why me?’ That was the constant questioning that echoed through my early teens to early twenties. I actually never used to wear makeup, I was one of the rare girls not to wear it, why? Because I didn’t need to, until acne came along. I felt like I needed to hide behind a mask, I remember reapplying powder at every break time that we had at school just to cover the breakouts and the oily shine that made me look like I was sweating profusely.
GCSE’s & A levels came along & really made it go from bad to worse (I don’t have a photo to replicate this stage as my confidence was at an all time low). I started having skin treatments, microdermabrasion to begin with, and treatment progression lead from there. I decided to start studying beauty therapy and so was used to practise on for facials. I used to hate Monday’s at college I particular, we had double practical of Indian head massage and facials - walking to the bus replicating a head to toe oil slick wasn’t a great confidence booster! That’s beside the point... but you can see how I had a real stigma for the way I looked. It affects you mentally as well as physically. The point is, from studying beauty therapy, to gaining work within skin and laser clinics, to having treatments myself and gaining knowledge on ingredients has lead me to setting up my own clinic today.
I truly know what it’s like to live with a skin challenge, I know what it’s like to wake up daily looking in the mirror to face constant imperfections and general hatred towards the way you look. To the point where I’d be going out socially and I had to get my mum to put concealer on my back as I was afraid of the judgement. I am a real person with a real care for what I do. I can help you, I want to help you & I won’t ever give up on you. Don’t hide behind fear & a lack of confidence, allow me to help you start your skin journey for any concerns you may have. Even if you just need guidance as to know what products/treatments are going to work best for you, I’m here for you.
Online consultations available, 📩 alexis@houseofskincare.co.uk. You’re just a message away from a clearer mind & facing your concerns.

Recommendation #1

Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily! The more hydrated your skin is, the more everything functions a lot better & toxins are able to escape more freely meaning less chance of stress building up within the skin.

Recommendation #2

Exercise! Even if a gym is a little daunting for you, make sure you get fresh air daily! The more oxygen we have in our skin, the more hydrated & the more circulation we have in our bodies too. It releases endorphins which are happy hormones, the better we feel, the better we look - simple!

Recommendation #3

Use cosmeceutical standard products! Seek advice from a professional on how you can adapt your regime. Cosmeceutical treats all layers of the skin meaning we can reveal even greater results. 📩 alexis@houseofskincare.co.uk