Health & Awareness Podcast

HOW_I_VENT is an informative Podcast dedicated to breaking down stigmas and misconceptions about various issues that plague our society as we maneuver through new and uncertain times. In 2019 we all were introduced to the Coronavirus which caused a global Pandemic known as COVID19. The world shut down to quarantine and many, many lives were affected and lost. As life became more uncertain and changed drastically from what any of us knew, other issues faded to the background.
How_I_Vent is a platform to deal with and discuss life's new issues as they arise, as well as past issues yet to be properly addressed.
The mission is to simply start a conversation that's aimed at breaking down what is already known about Coronavirus or any preexisting health condition a person may have.
How_I_Vent provides the platform to vent freely about individual experiences and health concerns, depression due to COVID19, H.I.V, family issues, any grievances new or old that may contribute to many health problems most suffer from today or low vibrations in general.
Whether it's resource information, encouragement before and after testing or vaccination, there is support without judgement. How_I_Vent is here as an open forum and safe space to speak so it's time to have some real conversations.
I truly believe by providing these key elements while speaking open and honestly about topics that are considered taboo, We, as a society can help to prevent new cases and finally get the numbers under control, this is How I Vent.