About the Author

Shauna lives in Kamloops, BC Canada with her husband of 23 years, and three sons aged 19, 17 and 16, and her beloved mini aussie- doodle Mylo. She homeschooled her boys for ten years, does the books for the family’s businesses part time and has multiple side hustles which she uses to save money in her travel fund. She can now scratch “travel around the world” off of her bucket list but still aspires to see and do so much more! She loves Jesus, coffee with cream and sugar, movies, reading, baking, foreign foods, and travel. She loves and misses the beach and vows to live closer to it one day!

Join us on our adventure!

In November 2017, Shauna, her husband Clint and their 3 pre-teens boys, sold their business, rented out their home, packed up all of their possessions and left Canada to backpack around the world, with nothing but a skeleton itinerary and a dream in their hearts....to see the world. They touched down in 16 countries, took overnight trains, planes and ferries and topped it off by living in the lap of luxury on a 16 day Mediterranean cruise. They bathed elephants in Thailand, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and cruised sand dunes in Dubai. But as in life, travel isn’t always a fairytale. In How to Carve a Pineapple, Shauna doesn’t mince words when sharing of the dichotomy of her yearning for a different type of life and boredom of the American dream, coupled with disappointment at plans going array, frustrations with teens and living in close quarters for months on end and the sadness she encounters as the time near to return home. Join The Desmarais Family in this funny and adventurous story around the world and back again. The good, the bad and the hard.