So much I would like to say but let’s start with this. I had an idea to express and share what I’ve been learning following House of Jacobs holy convocations and bible class Wednesday nights via YouTube. I wanted to share how much freedom I’ve felt since reading the Bible and understanding the Sabbath Day. I was a little scared to write a book but my husband pushed me out my comfort zone and said “Just Do It” So here I am adding Author to the end of my name. I’m so blessed that God gave me the vision to release my first book. I only hope, everyone that gets a chance to read it , walks away with understanding and a guide to not be afraid and to stand in TRUTH. We get so wrapped up in titles and material gain that we don’t see that God is very simplistic in the works that he asks of us. I appreciate HOJ’s guidance and continual teachings and transparency. Blessings to everyone! Gift to someone that is eager to learn and also get help with easy Sabbath prep meals located in the back of the book and most importantly how to keep it Holy.


Blessings to all, my name is Dettranay. I am a very factual person. As my journey increased with understanding and reading the Bible for myself, I found that what I had been taught through traditional teachings of the Bible was not lining up with what I had been reading in the Bible for myself. I’m a wife and mother that is set on a journey of clear understanding. Since reading and practicing the holy day, I’ve felt it was my obligation to make a book that explains clearly about the Sabbath Day and keeping it Holy.