HSC 17.975. The Sacred Art of Jew Jitsu —

Jesus Stole My Milk Money: Justice Served with A Side of Conditions

To Non-Profits:

Trash. Victim. Prostitute. Addict. Lazy, Ungrateful. Filthy. Criminal. Homeless. Sinner.

Ok. If you say so. I cannot change your mind.

But don't come praising Jesus or offering a hand of charity on my soul's behalf. Because that would mean I am the person you see me as, if you see a person at all.

So go about your business, and leave mine be. If I ever step on you to get ahead in life, hell, or heaven, then shame on me. Until then, save us from your good intentions. They serve anything but justice.

Yours Truly,

Trailer Tarot
(aka The Turkey who knows a turkey when he sees one).


HSC 17.975. Tenant Relocation Assistance.

Intercepted by Flood Ministries, Inc. Bakersfield, CA - on behalf of saving my sorry, lowlife soul. From what, I'll never know.

The Godly thing to do? Give back the grant money you have no business with in the first place. Tell lawmakers to do their own damn jobs and to stop delegating tasks infinitum, until no one knows what the hell they're supposed to be doing.

Or buy my domain so I can relocate my own damn self. Use it so that future tenants of HSC 17.975 are able to access justice - WITHOUT conditions.

After a year, its the least you can do.