Hsinny House

Sweet. Sultry. Angelic

Cute, affordable jewelry is our thing🧸Our line is founded in customizable necklaces, chokers, earrings, belly chain & layered pieces because we love your personal style and want to help you express it in the way that’s truest to you🖤💗

Hsinny House is for the girls who set the trends. We’re so lucky to have the coolest girls in our community wearing Hsinny House and we love hearing from you all - what you love, what you want and what inspires you🔮

Jewelry Care

Our fine jewelry is s925 Sterling Sliver, can be worn 24/7 and is safe in water🛁 Most important, it’s hypoallergenic (sensitive skin friendly)💘

However, some of our jewels are made using 18k Gold Plated or Zinc (Stainless Steel Material), so we recommend avoiding anything wet such as water, perfume or lotion🧴🧼 Contact with anything wet may cause discoloration or tarnishing.

How can I prevent tarnishing?

We recommend keeping our pieces away from any liquid or lotion as a rule of thumb.

Please note that our fine jewelry is s925 Sterling Steel and shouldn't tarnish💎

s925 could be last for life time if you take good care on it. We would recommend to take off while showering & exercising, avoid corrosive chemicals, clean frequently & etc to maintain the best condition👌

Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Jewelry

💡Use a damp microfiber towel or cotton ball to wipe down the surface of your jewelry daily after each wear. This method is extra gentle, and by doing it regularly you’ll avoid build up of dirts and oils that require a more intense cleaning method.

💡Use a mixture of warm water and a tiny bit of dish soap (a couple drops per cup of water), dip the pieces in the solution, and then dry with the microfiber cloth or cotton.

💡Take jewelry off when washing your hands, showering, cleaning, swimming, applying skincare, etc. Limiting your piece’s contact with water, chemicals, and any substance that causes build up will keep it looking cleaner longer.