Finding my best self!

Talking out loud.

So my life’s a little backwards, upside down kinda and maybe a little inside out. My story isn’t going to make sense because I’ll be telling it from random points, flash backing or skipping ahead but I promise it won’t be in any type of order that makes sense.
2019 was rough for me, actually the last 3 years were rough but 2019 put me in a spot 16 year old me would never look up to and that hit me hard. But not hard enough until it was to late. Sooo I’m making 2020 my year and I’m really excited for all that’s too come. As cliche as that is, I want to make the changes this time around not JUST TALK ABOUT CHANGING.
It’s 2am and I’m just getting home from work, I sleep all day and work all night. I do all my reading and journaling when everyone else is fast asleep. Laundry, netflix, cleaning, errands, grocery shopping. Everything done in the early hours but it works for me. I like it. It’s quiet at 2:37am.
One of my goals in life is too travel the worlds most beautiful places. I wanna eat weird food, learn a couple languages, sleep in different environments. both comfortable and uncomfortable and vlog about all of it.
Based on some recent events, traveling has been put on hold. (I’ll get Into detail on that topic in a later post.) So because its on pause, I thought I’d start a blog and get my story started. I just want to inspire others and be inspired by others. I love talking, to whoever wants to listen so that’s what this blog is for me. Talking out loud.

A little early.

2am thoughts

So my time management skills are garbage, just wanted to throw that one out there. It doesn’t matter much but there’s a fun fact about me.
Today was garbage tho, I slept way to late and didn’t get anything done before work. Work was so slow and I felt like poop. And to top it all off I ‘lost’ $100. Not sure how but it’s missing from my wallet. For a hot second I was really irritated and wanted to drink about it.
Then I thought about it a little more and hoped whoever’s hands it ended up in, needed it more than I did and do with it accordingly. Life’s weird like that ya know? Something horrible happens to you, but that’s a positive for someone else. Odd to look at from that angle but it’s very true or maybe that’s just how I wish things were.
That even when bad things happen, it’s still good for someone else. Learning lessons or deep thoughts for and too others. I work an open to close double tmrw and I really wanna work on my puzzle. (my mom bought me a ‘Doug the pug’ puzzle and he’s laying in a bed of donuts lol) so thats my goal for this upcoming week, finish!! Talk soon xoxo

Connecting with my inner.

The 5th chakra.

So Im super into chakras or at least I say i am. I pretend to know everything but that’s impossible.
To know everything, I’m always learning. forever remaining teachable.
I bought chakra cards awhile
back and I only just now finally started using them. So i just say out loud what i want to manifest and I pick a card. Its a mind thing (if it works or not) but you are your thoughts and that’s why I love the chakras because its always somthing positive that comes from them.
I want 2020 to be THE year. Ya know? Unlike any of the other years. Positive and full of love and beautiful vibes. I said out loud ‘I want 2020 to allow me to thrive at the level I know I can. To heal from the bad but grow from it also. To learn from and teach because of.’ I’m blessed y’all, here’s the card I pulled. My 5th chakra card 💛