About the Artist

Ella/Musicella || she/her || 17

Hello there! My name is Ella and my persona's name was Musicella. I am 17 and I am a self-taught artist since 2017. I am a self-shipper for 4 years self-shipping is my huge comfort zone whenever I'm sad so please don't invalidate my feelings towards my f/o's. Also, i'd love to see some self-insert fanart that you guys made so don't be shy.

I also read fanfictions (it's mostly x readers) to fill in my non-existent romantic life and I am sensitive to negative remarks. I also love helping people out, especially to my friends and their school works. Making art is my way of escaping the world and it makes me happy, no matter how bad the situation is.

‼️Disclaimer: I know that my soulmate is a villain. I love him so much but I don't condone the things he had done in the series.‼️

My f/o's

Please read carefully before interacting with me

✨ Uncomfortable sharing
❣️ Hesitant sharing
💕 Yes yes yes!!
🌸 Main F/O
💘 Soulmate
❤️ Romantic
💌 Crush
💙 Platonic
💞 Familial

[✨ Category]

🌸💘 Tomura Shigaraki (BNHA/MHA)
(‼️Don't interact if you self-ship with him. It can give me major discomfort ‼️)
🌸💙 Hanta Sero (BNHA/MHA)
(‼️It's okay for me if Hanta is your comfort character but it can gave me major discomfort if you ship either yourself or your oc with him‼️)
🌸💘 Blades (Transformers: RB/RBA)
🌸❤️ Bumblebee (Transformers)

[❣️ Category]

❤️ Zane (Ninjago)
🌸❤️ Ratchet (Transformers)
💙 Medix (Transformers: RBA)
🌸❤️ Atsuhiro Sako (MHA/BNHA)

[💕 Category]

🌸💌 Donnie (TMNT)
💙 Peacock/Patricia Watson (Skullgirls)
💌 Red Son (Monkie Kid)
💞 The Runaway Kid/Seven, Mono and Six (Little Nightmares 1 and 2)
💌 Valentine (Skullgirls)
💌 Spinel (Steven Universe)
💌 Arcee (Transformers: Prime)
💌 Windblade (Transformers: Cyberverse)
💙 Ben Pincus (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous)

Meet the oc's that I shipped with my f/o's

Get to know my creations!

Evelyn Kuromiya

- alias: Monochrome
- quirk: ghost of static (check my IG for more info!)
- bnha self-insert (that's me!)
- a 19 year old villain whose affiliated with the league of villains
- being shipped with Tomura Shigaraki
- TomuVelyn fanchild: Mara Shigaraki

Liezel "Lina" Tanaka

- bnha oc
- the ink hero: inkvasion
- quirk: blackdrop
- a 16 year old student who transferred to her parents' alumni (U.A High)
- being shipped with Hanta Sero
- SeroNaka fanchild: Emiko Sero

Rosemary "Rachel" Lencher

- olverse nurse oc
- born in the early 1900's
- after her death due to the flu, her dad rebuilt her new body that resembles her and was in stasis for years after her dad's death
- happily married and shipped with Blades (tf: rescue bots)
- BlaChel fanchild: Briza