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Who in the world is Humanity360? What is The Joy Tour?

12 Tips to Managing your Mental Wellness

The Joy Jam in every state!!!!

The mission of Humanity 360, Inc is to reduce the number of people suffering from ANY Mental Illness while reducing the suicide rate in the US.

Humane. Holistic. Everyday

As a prominent project of H360, we have embarked on a 50 state self-funded tour, to spread joy, educate people on the effects of Mental Illnesses through educational testimonies, provide mindful tips/coping skills to increase mental wellness and to connect citizens to community resources.
We spend 1 month in each state (The Joy Tour), visiting cities that have high suicide rates, and/or high crime areas. The tour began September 2018, and is scheduled to end in March of 2023!

We offer a plethora of free services to citizens in undeserved communities including but not limited to, adult and youth joy workshops, host wellness events, distribute tangible and intangible resources, and connect citizens to community resources. The Joy Workshops will provide participants with 8 - 12 healthy coping skills to combat stress and increase self- awareness. This workshop allows interactive and collaborative group practices that encourage individuals to use discussed tools in times of stress.

During The Joy Tour, wellness events are held in conjunction with community partners to allow citizens to gravitate to coping skills that suit their situation best. These events offer a variety of local resources as an introduction to holistic healing and alternative stress reducers to medication. Resources distributed include H360 created pamphlets on topics such as depression, anxiety, and stress. In addition, gratitude journals and aromatherapy bags often serve as a "beginners kit", for citizens not familiar with those coping tools.

As a National Organization facilitating workshops in 15 of 50 states, we spend 3 days a week in in urban areas of cities, having conversations to bring awareness to Mental Health. Our past experiences allow us to have conversations that a licensed therapist would not be able to engage in, due to liability reasons. This non- traditional therapy approach has allowed us to connect with people who typically shun therapy, to many community resources to help improve their Mental Wellness.

Trust your JOURNEY 🐾🐾

We transform the world by transforming ourselves!