Welcome Beautiful!

I’m Hummingbird

I’m a Makeup Artist and a Mental Health Advocate. I love to mentor and empower women through clean Beauty & Wellness.

Helping women look and feel beautiful is my passion. Allow me to show you how to take care of your self using non-toxic, animal cruelty free and eco friendly products.

You will feel radiant, healthy and confident in your own skin! #selflove

Beauty Review  —

“Absolutely LOVE the products, makeup feels like I am not wearing any which is absolutely amazing.. I literally wiped my face and it didn’t stain me or come off. Then the highlight 😻😻 when I’m being lazy I use it in my face and I glow, like no need for makeup. I look radiant ✨!” @iamkari.mtz

Fitness Review —

My Top Picks

I’m obsessed!

Chocolate Trim 🍫🥄

This is a weight management supplement that has CLA sourced from natural Safflower and Collagen/HA. It’s scientifically proven to reduce fat cells, give your body a sculpted, lean appearance, and support your joints and fitness performance.

🥄Take 1 spoonful in the morning

Personally, I have seen the fat storage on the back of my thighs smooth out in 3 weeks time. My belly area also leaned out to where my old favorite jeans fits me perfect once again. Im excited to see my complete results when I complete my Wellness Challenge. I highly recommend this product if you want to get rid of excess fat in your body.

Liquid Biocell Skin

This magic bottle of collagen has 18 Phytonutrient rich superfoods + Ceramides!

Just take 1 tablespoon 🥄 twice a day.

Personally, I mix it in my water bottle and sip it all morning and afternoon. I’ve seen a major glow up in my skin in as little as 3 days with our liquid collagen!
I’m IN LOVE because my smile lines have smoothed out and when I wake up, my face looks like I already did my skincare. It’s crazy how healthy & brighter my face looks.

Aqua Skincare Line 💧

The Aqua collection has Hyaluronic Acid which helps hydrate & restore dry skin.

I have DRY sensitive skin but I'm happy that this was gently enough for me to use. Hyaluronic Acid is a popular ingredient in skincare because it helps give your skin a plumped and youthful appearance. HA draws moisture to the surface of your skin, hydrating it and smoothing out the appearance of fine lines.

If you have normal to dry skin, give it a try!