Hear My Story

My name is Evelina Diaz. I am the founder of The Hummingbirdie Boutique. Hummingbirdie Boutique jewelry is uniquely handcrafted and attached to high quality stainless steel backings.  Our mission is delivering Beauty and Freedom all at the same time.

For the past two years I’ve had a heart for fighting against human trafficking. People go about their day not knowing it even exists, but I always felt the weight of the problem myself. Instead of sitting down and feeling sad, I decided to take action for those who didn’t know where to start. I was determined to be the starting place for them.

I’ve taken part in many types of crafts in the past. I’ve made beaded bracelets, embroidered, painted, and so much more. One day I discovered polymer clay jewelry. This was my next craft, but one I would turn in to a project.

After lots of researching how to make polymer clay earrings I got to work. Soon after I started, I had buckets of earrings made and nowhere to put them. I combined my heart for fighting human trafficking and new found craft of polymer clay earrings and created what is now Hummingbirdie Boutique.

A  hummingbird is so small yet mesmerizing. It beats its wings at an incredible rate and all we can do is stare, praying it won’t get scared and fly away. Rarely do I see a hummingbird, but when I do, I in awe. They’re unique too. This is what I wanted my business to be. I wanted my jewelry to help customers understand their individuality because every bubble, bump, and pattern assures them that they, like my earrings, are like no other. I want to create an impactful difference for a problem that is large yet hidden.

The Hummingbirdie Boutique stands for finding your own individuality, but helps those who are discovering theirs. 10% of all proceeds goes to fighting against human trafficking. Let me help you find your uniqueness while helping you discover others.