Our opinions about Face to Face classes in the midst of pandemic in the Philippines —

By: Dexter Bainto, Tigran Mascardo and Bianca Macalalad.


To my own perspectives of the impending return of face-to-face classes in today’s pandemic is I respect what would be the decision of every students who struggles in their online distance learning materials like internet connectivity problem, lack of online materials like laptop and cellphones especially those who are less fortunate in rural areas and in urban. It would be better if they could have now back in their face-to-face classes by that they could learn more better than online distance learning or modular learning because the students should more focus in what they are doing, and the teachers and students would be easily to communicate with each other regarding their concerns in their lessons. For me it is better now to have the implementation of face-to-face classes back to low-risk areas of COVID-19 following the health safety protocols like (wearing masks, face shield, spraying alcohol and washing hands and maintained the physical distancing) to stop now the struggles of all students and teachers because sometimes it is really frustrating to others, the limited face-to-face class of students is voluntarily not mandatory if their parents do not want yet their child go to school. “The longer the school closure, the more severe the negative effects can be to students." I know that it’s still dangerous to have face-to-face classes back again we are still in a pandemic, but this is also the best thing to do of the governments DepEd and DOH since the distance learning of DepEd last year is not very successful to some students and teachers and now it’s time to make a CHANGE IN OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM TOWARDS A BETTER LEARNING.

In my opinion of impending return of face to face classes in this days are more dangerous to us because mang students will add to outside population that can get virus and spread the virus to people. It is scary because if one student has tested positive in classroom, many students will be affected too. Having said that, all part of the school and many families dont have enough money to provide for their children because hospital bills are very expensive. Do not remove the fact that all family can provide that and many student are prone to viruses.


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Imagine a world without traditional media

The people will get harder to get information from society it is hard to communicate to people long distances and we know social media change our life like it help us to communicate and making different platform to attract people in your business. So if we imagine that social media doesnt exist we are just wait outside our house or company and many people will not attracted in your sales because people need to attract to buy because they dont have care about your item/food it is hard to advertise without social media. Social media help our daily needs so it is hard without social media.

For me I can’t imagine our world without the traditional media or the old media that we have since it has been established for decades like the Newspapers, Magazines, Print Ad, Billboards that we are seen in many highways and malls and Radio and Television before the digital or new media that continually arise today.

We can’t deny that the Traditional Media is still the most credible news source, it’s essential for conveying brand messaging as it is instantly recognizable had a much longer relationship with the consumer due to decades of communicating news, stories, and campaigns to the masses without it the world it’s like boring and those who are not part or updated about the digital transition in this generations rely solely on broadcast, newspapers, and magazines to consume news, through this social media is often used by traditional media to drive traffic to their website, meaning traditional media can still reach vast audiences online and offline.

I’m really a fun of watching shows on television, listening to music in radio, reading a magazines and newspapers when I am in a salon or anywhere, I also like seeing many beautiful faces of people and products in Billboards and Print Ad in highways and malls because it can really attract many audiences and captures their interest more. The fun and excitement are still different when you see your own billboards and print ad hanging on a different malls, highways, and other places.

I can’t imagine how the world can circulate without Traditional Media. Communication graduates look forward to achieving a career path in journalism, that’s why it is important to still have traditional media to give out information to different people. Traditional Media is the best source when it comes to tackling issues in society. New Media would not evolve as blogs and articles if there is no traditional media. We also have to put in mind that not all countries have an easy access to internet. These countries cannot provide information thru gadgets, most countries who are having a hard time with internet are the countries who have a dictator leader or who are facing a crisis due to poverty. Our world where we are living cannot evolve without Traditional Media, because every information and source of knowledge came from it. That is why, world without traditional media might be the cause of lack of critical thinking and it is boring to not know new things in life.

By:Dexter Bainto, Bianca Macalalad and Tigran Mascardo





Through the emergence of today’s technology media is being always used every day and has a crucial role in our lives especially in this current situation of pandemic where all people are staying on their house. One of the importance of media today is using a different media platform to socialize and communicate with other people, just like for entertainment to express their self they grab the opportunity to use any social media platforms to capture the attention of audiences it will also help to release out of their boredom and stress just like example of it is using a tiktok app to create your videos dancing or singing. Another example of importance of media in entertainment is when you are looking for someone a person that all you know is his/her name, but you did not get his/her contact number then you will use a media (Facebook/Twitter app) to help you find that person you are looking for that’s why we have a word “viral” that makes trend that will catch everyone’s attention in social media.

Social Media is a source of information for us people during this pandemic. With the use of news and articles we are able to know what is happening in our country. With the advancement of technology, we can see where cities or communities who have lots of Covid Cases. Now that we have harnessed the power of social media, there are still misinformation about what is happening. Most of these misinformation came from trolls and not reliable sources. Most theory and conspiracies have been made during this pandemic. One of those misinformation is about faking the number of Covid cases so that the government may earn a lot of money. Another theory is that once you have vaccine inside your body, you will slowly turn out as a zombie. There is more misinformation during these pandemic. But as a citizen, we should find sources that are trustworthy and every information that we must read is relayed accurately. Lastly, practicing fact check is important because sharing fake news might create panic on social media in these darkest times.

Every platform posted in social media they have different style like thay are good for the people like they are sharing their idea to help other people like making a group for the people who need some help like donation of blood or rescue and some platform is teaching us how to cook it can help us to try new recipe and especialy are people is hard to find job. So in online they are some platform that they need some people to work for them and some platform can help are mental health because in this pandemic many people are problematic because of covid 19.

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By: Dexter Bainto, Bianca Macalalad and Tigran Mascardo