Hustlers University

Hi I’m Andrew Tate 4x world champion kick boxer and multi millionaire.

I grew up with less the most of you reading this we didn’t have a penny to spare or even have a car.

It was not until I was 25 I wanted to break out of the matrix I had no guidance just me and my brother at war.

If we would of had all of the information
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Hustlers University

Founded by Andrew Tate

Hi I’m Andrew Tate and I’m a multimillionaire and a 4x world champion kickboxer

About me

We grew up with less than most of you reading this.

we didn’t have a penny to spare nor a car. I had to run to work then run to the gym after and now I drove in Supercars and fly in private jets.

My dad was a chess master one of the best in the world he taught me many valuable lessons that I will pass on to everyone single one of you.

Why you should join HU

Hustlers University is one of the most powerful networks out there with over 60 thousand members and still growing we can conquer the world.

If I would of had HU when I first started out i would of been a billionaire by now with all he valuable information we teach.

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