About The Olympics

Current Hosts; Hyeon Seo Kim and Cappuccino Cups

How to join; you will be asked a few questions on private DMs and then the hosts decide if you won or not
If you won then you get to join the Olympics
In the Olympics, we will take some time to get to know each other, the Olympics will start when the hosts decide.


Explanation For The Plans Of The Olympics

1) There will be 2 group chats, the first one will be for the participants' tasks and the other one is for fun for the participants' to talk about what they will do for their tasks or get to know each other.
2) Disrespecting the hosts will lead to you being kicked out and we will not add you back
3) GCO will have multiple seasons, not decided yet but we will explain the seasons when decided
4) Respect others as disrespecting others or other's opinion will lead to a warning
5) If you get at least 5+ warnings you will get kicked, warnings will change in every season (we can add warnings, we can remove warnings)
6) Each one of you will have to fill a form which will stay in our files to know more about you and your personality
7) Every season, the participants can vote on who to get kicked out, the final winner will get cappuccino
8) The final winner can choose his prize and if they want the Cappuccino or not.
9) The Olympics might lead to making a KTube group so don't be surprised if there were multiple winners.
10) Each one of you should at least know how to edit a picture, editing a video as well would be perfect