Paris France

Scribbles art work from un famous female artist
Detroit mohawk nation. And American Rabbit art from Paris. Un famous France.
I was just a little girl on the pier of new york when the ship docked his nag on his sholder his uniform on they took them to paris un famous France he waved his hand and i wrote when I was 10 I waited forever just so we could dance the ropes in the water made then sway in the salt we said our goodbyes out to un famous france the day was not over i turned to walk away and i heard men screaming and the boat blew apart they never made it the middle of the settlement. The waves went a crashing and the spirit went threw the air tell mom i never made it the ship blew apart we never made it to un famous France i have to check in to calling i felt really bad the solider took the boat then flew up in the air and came right passed me the feeling never left i found a picture with my cousin his uniform was on and he was heading to un famous paris Italy and rome it was foggy the light was dim and when i got older i was to marry him but we never made it to paris in not so famous france.

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