Krystal Merlin, C.Ht

The answers you seek are already within you, I will hold the mirror.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression therapy, Inner Child healing and Divine feminine embodiment. I help individuals redefine emotional wounds to find clarity, self confidence and discover their souls purpose. I offer many different workshops and private, in-depth 1:1 sessions. Sessions are online and can be done from anywhere in the world.

It was only after my journey inward and years of self discovery that I was able to redefine my own wounds from childhood and transform the way I view trauma. I bring a deep spiritual aspect into every session. I tap into source energy and receive intuitive information on how to best assist each individual.

I do not make the changes for you. I facilitate the remembrance of your own inner power and abilities. All of the answers you seek are already inside of you. Through hypnosis I can help you to reach the deepest part of your mind, your subconscious, where all memories and automatic behaviors are stored. Hypnosis is a meditative state between sleep and awake or an altered state of awareness. Hypnosis can help to bring forth and release anything that is no longer serving your highest good, assist in transforming your perception, obtaining clarity, understanding and ultimately change your life for the better.


Past Lives, Inner Child Healing, Divine Feminine Embodiment and So Much More

Past Lives Therapy

Our souls are eternal. Meaning we have incarnated and lived many lifetimes before this one we are living now. Many researchers and Eastern cultures believe our consciousness carries over from one life to the next. We carry with us memories, feelings and even traumas from previous lives that can be directly affecting us in ways we are not consciously aware of, hindering our quality of life.

Our subconscious mind holds all memories from every lifetime past and by tapping into the subconscious with hypnosis we are able to revisit these lifetimes, revisit the root of the problem or issue and allow ourselves the space to process, resolve and heal these old wounds. Most people find the process to be extremely liberating.

If you are having trouble in a certain area of your life that you just can’t seem to make sense of or figure out, ask yourself could this be something connected to a former life? Is this something I could have carried over?

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Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing involves reconnecting with little you. You may or may not have had something significant happen in childhood. The idea is that as children our voices may not have been heard, we were unable to communicate our needs efficiently or unable to understand and make sense of all of the emotions we were feeling.

As children we are absorbing our surroundings and as the brain is forming it is the number one function of the brain to create safety. Keep the body safe! This is how we learn to survive and navigate in the world. If our emotions are not tended to appropriately or we suffer some form of trauma our body holds and stores these experiences on a cellular level and the brain creates defenses.

These experiences create our world view and thus create projections of the world being unsafe and unfair or we may even turn those thoughts inward leading to feelings of not being good enough or undeserving, unsure of who we are and a lack of self confidence. The brain is just doings it’s job trying to keep us safe and comfortable but subconsciously we will continue to create similar experiences for ourself.

Hypnosis is a sure fire way to get right down to the root (without digging up any trauma). These wounds and thought patterns can be redefined and transformed through positive suggestion. Alleviating the root of the problem removes any subsequent symptoms and stops the repeating cycles or behavior patterns that keep you feeling stuck. We emerge with more confidence, direction and open our hearts to the abundance and love that is our birth right.

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Divine Feminine Embodiment

Sacred woman, your body is your temple! Love the skin that you’re in.

Let’s be honest in todays society there are so many superficial standards that women are expected to hold up to. We’ve all had our hearts broken once or twice and often struggle to find “real” love.

What if I told you Real Love starts with you? Tapping into the subconscious mind and removing all the negative beliefs about self, not being good enough or undeserving, removing blockages you’ve placed around your heart in self preservation, and allowing yourself to really truly fall in love with YOU and with life. Giving yourself permission to receive love because you deserve it and opening the heart to allow magic to manifest in every moment.

Through hypnosis we will call forth your inner goddess and harness that energy. You will begin to notice love all around you and your life will shift and transform in significant ways.. you may even find the counterpart to that love.

Don’t hold back. Claim your truth.
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Chakra Balancing

Chakra in Sanskrit translates to wheel. Referring to the energy points in your body. Thought to be spinning wheels of energy that in a healthy state should remain “open” and in alignment or balanced. Each chakra correlates with a bundle of nerves, major organs and areas of our energetic body that directly affect or emotional and psychical well-being.

Chakras being imbalanced or blocked could cause headaches, issues with vision, sinuses and hearing, or hormone function. Emotional imbalances could cause feelings of moodiness, lack of harmony, elusive or erratic behavior, lack of self-reflection; an inability to look at one’s own fears, and could be preventing you from growth or change.

If one chakra is over or under active it could affect the whole chakra system causing blockages or feeling stagnant in life.
Bring your body back into harmony with an energetic chakra healing through hypnosis.

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