Me and my self


Actually i don't know how to started but here is about me

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Boyolali, Central Java
01' (almost 20th)

Currently studying in college as Diploma Occupation Health and Safety. Have 2 sisters (and am in the middle), beside of stu(die)ing i do some activity like make my own website, learn Japanese, workout, watch film/anime, and sometimes i just don't know what to do and don't have mood to do so i just "bengong" all day.

Fyi: i don't really like to go out wasting time with my friends, im not type of that girl haha (red: i don't have a friend).

Maybe when you read it, you start to think that im a "nolife girl with a flat life, an nerd, etc". Yeah, you right bruhh, but i have super duper like a rollercoaster familly life that never make me bored. Hihi, life is balance right?

Umm, i think i dont have any words to say, but keep scrolling down to know more about me!

-What i love and i don't-

Yes, please
- Food
- Sleep along the day
- ねこ (cat)
- Money
- Money
- Levi, or gojo satoru is enough
- Air putih (i don't know what the english translate haha)

Noo !
- See my parents don't have money (thats make me sad more than anything)
- Being ignored
- Interupt while i talking
- Poor, cricis moneter (its about me, not the country)
- Leaving by u :( (slapped)

Trivia: btw many things can make me happy, mad, sad, mood down, etc but i can't mention one by one and make it detail, so yeahh :)



Now, i'll talk about:
Skill and positive side of me.

As a teenager its normal when you sometimes ask to your self, what skill that i have, what the meaning of life, what will i do, how the future, and many more. But, in here i will tell you guys what skill that i have and what positive side of me. I can talk like this, after i pass many night full of overthinking ueueueue :"(

I have a hobby to make a 2D character. Yes, i have a skill in drawing, i thank to Allah for give me that skill haha. Umm, i don't know how it started but from elementary school i have an obsession with anime (specially Naruto)

Then, i have skill of writting. Maybe when you read this, you will straight jump out from your chair and say "Noo!" But, yea i will say "YASS!" . Yes i can't proof it, but i know my self than anyone. And i know that i have that skill. Next.

For now, i try to add my skill with learn japanese. And im so happy when in 2 weeks i can do hiragana & katakana typing, next insyaallah i'll learn the vocab or maybe grammar, suport me guys!!

Positive side:
- I easy to interact with new people
- Im a



Its easy to notice negative side of me hehehe

- Sometimes i become very lazy person
- my mood is 📈📉📈📉📈📉