I.T.L —

welcome everyone <3 Let's start by explaining what I.T.L stands for. It stands for "iraqi teens life"

It's a project that shows how iraqi teenagers' real life is and the way we live and a lot of more things that will be talked about later !! In this project we will be having some of the things that a teenager has in Iraq and can do at this moment . okay so we are not ignoring the bad parts of being or living as a teen in Iraq but we're here to focus on the good things and remember that we can enjoy life wherever we are and make the best memories no matter what :)

let me explain how its gonna be : the project has 3 parts and they will be going on at the same time starting in 2021/ /

The first part will be zoom meetings with people from different nationalities and out of Iraq that have questions or things they wanna know about Iraq and life in Iraq .

The second part is vlogs or videos of places or things you can do as a teen in Iraq .

The third and the last part is a surprise , trust me it's worth waiting for it .

Click on the link down to stay alert for all the new updates and the starting dates + if You're more interesting in to knowing more things you can check my instagram page , you dm on my page if you wanted to ask me about I.T.L i'll be more than happy to answer !!