Our Life|God’s Plan (Bible Study)

Iveliss Carmen

My name is Iveliss Carmen. I am a follower of Christ, a mother, friend, daughter, and sister. I believe our Holy Father has called me to help those in need of uplifting in the spirit by renewing the mind through the Holy Spirit. Here is a little summary of what I have experienced in my walk just in the past few years.

My walk has been very purposeful; it was not an easy walk, but intentional. I was emotionally damaged. A few years ago, glory be to God; he gave me the strength to leave a toxic environment. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. But I replaced the weight with anger and resentment, not knowing what real happiness was or my self-worth. Trying to find who I am, whom God said I was—arguing with God. I was a thick book of emotionless emotions; with each turn of the page, it revealed something else that was hurting inside that I buried. From the trauma of child and adult years. Situations I put myself in and situations I had no control over. I continue to try and keep these issues buried. It was too overwhelmingly stressful to deal with, but when you’re angry and emotional, you can’t sit down and read a book. Let alone retain the information it’s trying to teach you. One night I had a dream I was lost in a dark house. I could hear other people in the house talking. I walked around the house, telling them to be quiet. I didn’t want them to wake the spirits that slept dormant. I woke up with so much anxiety.

I didn’t realize it until I was talking to a friend later that day. The house was me, and the spirits were all the things I did not want to face. That was probably the first time she’s ever heard me crying 13 years of knowing me. I began to pray daily. I was allowing God to open that thick book of pain. We went through each page. I allowed him to show me the things I had to let go and release to him. It was emotionally exhausting, but I became a willing vessel and allowed God to take my physical and emotional needs. He restored and replaced the things he told me to release. I have a whole new outlook. I don’t have a fear of what’s to come in the future. I stand on my God’s word. Matthew 6:30-34 (Please Go Read)
You see, I have faith in God; I have faith that once I had released the spirit of anger, resentment, and rebellion. Everything will fall into place. When I handed my book and pen back to the Creator, he erased what I penciled in. God has given me so much joy, peace, comfort, and preservation in these past few years. He is restoring my life.
I pray this study helps you spiritually. I believe the God that has given you the breath of life will also provide you with peace of mind and the ability to fight. He gives you the strength to keep pushing when you have no physical strength or mental strength of your own. He will have angels to guard and guide you. Nothing is impossible with him. We just have to have faith and allow Him to direct our footsteps. May God Bless you and your loved ones.