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lets get yoked😈🦍

I’m on a mission to become the best version of myself. I want to spread all the love, motivation, passion, and discipline here. Let’s keep leveling up in this sh*t. AlphaMentality.

About my transformation

This picture is from September 19 2020. Roughly about 2 months into me deciding to make a change. I wanted and still want to have the best looking physique I possibly can obtain as a natural bodybuilder. I’m nowhere close to my goal but my progress so far speaks for itself. I’ve been on different workout splits, tried many different foods, proteins etc. and from the knowledge I have gained so far I truly know that I can help all my dawgs out their striving to level up in the world🦍 next slide is another transformation pic.

This is more of a full body picture. I was flexing in this too haha. FYI this is me a month or 2 into working out when I first started I was even skinnier  —

just text me and I’ll give u all the hacks to being successful. I have better pictures and vids of my transformations. If your seirous about changing your life my number is posted on the first slide up at the top heading. Much love🤝🤍🦍

For all my females out their…

I didn’t forget about you guys. I have made a workout program strictly for girls tryna get a booty. It’s strictly just focused on that along with all of your lower body.

This pic is from months ago when I was cut. My legs are a lot bigger now and bulkier. If you DM personally I’ll show you a lot better transformation pics🤞.