Welcome lightworker!

I'm Hailey, a Real Estate Agent and Breath-work Facilitator in Washington State.

Wearing my masculine hat, I help individuals build wealth through Real- Estate. Owning a home is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your future. The most common thing I hear is “I don’t know where to start.” I make this process as seamless as possible. Connecting you with a local lender who continuously saves my clients thousands of dollars on interest rates and loan terms. We walk you through the entire process to ensure you are getting the perfect home, while saving as much money as possible.

Wearing my feminine hat, I’m a breath-work facilitator. I truly believe in order to heal we have to feel. Through deep meditative breath-work we safely practice trauma release and unlock the energy that has been stuck in our body from as early as being in the womb. I have seen my clients entire lives shift just from one session. This truly is the best self healing modality you can access today.

My goal is simple I want to help you build a sustainable, happy life from the inside out. Money, houses, cars are cool, but if we hate who we are inside, none of that will matter. As we breathe together and learn to love every part of ourselves, we learn to want less material items but also, we learn to love the things we have because we know those things don’t fulfill us. We are already full and everything else is just a bonus!

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* You are what you’ve been looking for *

One hour in person immersion where we have a 1 : 1 deep meditative breath-work session. During this time we will work through trauma and stagnant energy in your body so you can release what’s no longer serving you and tap back into your power. Be prepared to find who you truly are, tap deeply into your intuition, open doors you never thought possible are and learn to deeply love every part of yourself. The healing begins here.
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Full & New Moon Circles

Calling in & letting go

Our circles are themed around the astrological season. The new moon is a portal between the known and unknown. The conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. During this time we have heightened access to our intuition and our guides. Making it ideal for setting clear intentions and goals. The full moons are a time for contemplation and re-alignment. This is a time to ask yourself what is no longer serving you and releasing it to the universe. This is an ideal place to reclaim connection, spirituality, and love within a supportive community.

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