Women empowering women

Hi let me welcome you to my page! my name is katerin Castro but you can call me Katy I’m 29 years young and I would tell you about my story and how my life has been transformed by the initiative of getting out of my comfort zone, it all
started like this:

Before I became a mother I was an independent entrepreneur fashion designer in a new country, working from home having my financial freedom as a goal.
When I had my son Samuel almost 4 years ago I was blessed with a healthy and loving son, however that blessing came with an enormous responsibility that required all of my time. during these moments my husband was working overtime to start a new business and we struggled financially, fast forward two years from that point we started the second business however our child still required most of my attention which meant it had been years since I dedicated time to revenue generating activities.

Being a mother, house wife and also helping my husband startup the businesses was great but deep down inside I wanted to build an empire and decided I needed to find a way to start with very low startup cost and not a company I would have to start from nothing, but instead a proven business model that would allow me to generate an additional income stream virtually from anywhere in the world even if I was in my house in pajamas or on vacation! never losing hope to focus once again on my goal to financial independence as a woman All I needed was to figure out how!

I never saw myself as an influencer on social media before but I am now! I have always been an introvert and very private person however after spending days in quarantine during the Covid-19 crisis I was watching others make money through Instagram and Facebook with their brands and decided to go all in and here I am now after Taking the leap of faith out of my comfort zone feeling limitless!

In December 2019 looking for change of look in my hair A good friend of mine introduced me to a brand of vegan products cruelty free and not invasive for the skin, i tried them out for almost 3 months And even bought my husband a grooming for men right after seeing the results on my hair so i did my second purchase looking for skin care products as well.

Now here I am months later with my hair looking & feeling it’s best plus generating money from my phone all from just taking care of my skin and hair everyday!

I have a question for you, are you using shampoo on a regular basis? Of course you do and so does everyone we probably know lol the difference is the one I use is non toxic, vegan w no silicones or sulfates and produces me money.

So if you are hungry for success and looking to change your life visit my next page to fill out the influencer application to build our future together!

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