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I'm Kesha Williams, Forbes featured Founder & CEO of award winning ColorBlend Makeup - a high performance and premium beauty brand made for the underrepresented skintone 💥 My mission has been to create opportunities to supply more cosmetic products primarily tailored to the ethnic beauty consumer.

Since our launch in 2016, ColorBlend has won an award for 'Best Cosmetic Brand', popped up at House of Fraser Oxford St., featured in major publications such as Glamour Mag and The Guardian, had amazing trade show experiences and found a home in the makeup bags of the beginner and everyday makeup wearer - to celebrity and influencer makeup artists.

It has been a pleasure to have worked with some amazing talent and to have met fantastic people along the way and I'm super excited for ColorBlend's future! I'm dedicated to providing inclusive makeup to the exclusive excluded beauties everywhere!

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"My mantra is 'Capture Your ColorBlend'! We're an empowerment brand and it's about a feeling, an energy, a vibe when you wear our products! Unleash you. Capture it. You'll love it!"

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Must Have!

My shade is N10 in the ColorBlend HD Foundation, which gives a daily nutrient rich boost and glow to my skin! Plus its water resistant and non-transferable! 💅🏾

Must Read!

This business book is a great and easy read, available on Amazon. Find out your unique attributes!

Must Do!

It's so important for me to take time out to rest and recharge and I do this often using relaxation techniques and meditation. Immerse yourself in a zone where nothing can filter through for a time and tune into yourself.

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