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Quarantine got me bored as hell, though I'd make a blog and do something productive instead of binge every episode on Netflix! Here you'll find a little of everything, I can't just stick to one topic!

The whipped coffee trend that's been taking over the internet

Dalgona Coffee

Over the last couple weeks I've seen this whipped coffee on almost every platform so I decided to join the hype and try it out myself. I'm actually really surprised with how litter ingredients it needs plus everything you need is most likely already in your kitchen. Unless you hate coffee. Then why are you reading this?

I didnt follow the recipe because I was making it for two. I used my better judgment but as long as it's a 1:1:1 ratio of the ingredients your pretty much set. All you need is instant coffee, white sugar and milk. I did a little reading before making it and apparently you can use matcha for this as well. And for the milk, any milk will do, almond, coconut, regular, hemp. Just any kinda milk.

Oh and you need a bowl and a whisk.

If you've ever made homemade whipped topping with heavy cream, your basically doing that with the coffee. Your mixing it until it turns into a nice whipped consistency and can make the "mountain peak" it took me about 20 minutes, give or take to get my peak to my liking. You can use a hand mixer if you'd like

After I whisked it for 20 minutes and it changed to a light brown color it was ready to be scooped

I found it had a strong taste of instant coffee, you can defeat that by adding more sugar. You could maybe even try it with different flavors of instant coffee. I'm also happy I chose to use the clear glasses opposed to the black one's I orginally had. It made the aesthetic look better

I probably won't make this again and if I was to, I would add more sugar. I think the strong taste of instant coffee threw me off.

I also recommend mixing it with your milk. After you take your pretty aesthetic photos, of course. I found it tasted a little better being mixed together.

You can use matcha, hot chocolate powder, I've seen some floating around that's strawberry, so I'll give some others a try and see how they turn out!

My review on the Fitbit versa 2

My opinion and thoughts | Do I reccomend?

I had this $30 smartwatch from Amazon before my Fitbit. It was a good little watch for what I paid but it didnt meet my expectations in a smartwatch. So when I seen the versa 2 went on sale I jumped on that opportunity and quickly checked out.

I had heard amazing things about this watch and brand and I have owned a Fitbit in the past, I can't remember the name of the watch but it was an older style one passed down to me from my aunt. People raved about this particular watch, I watched so many reviews and unboxing videos that I had myself convinced that this was life changing.

Well. It's not

Here's my honest review of the Fitbit Versa 2

The shipping

I checked out and even when the watch was on sale it cost me a little over $200CAD. Even more because I opted for 3 day shipping which was an extra $20. I got the confirmation email the next day saying my order had shipped and I waited at the mailbox. After three day's passed and I didn't receive it In the mail I decided to track it. The tracking hadn't changed since the day it shipped. I figured it might have been delayed at the border or the post was behind.

5 days later, still no watch, I tried to track it again and the tracking information was the exact same.

So now were at about a week and I was worried my watch was lost somewhere in the Canadian post system so I sent Fitbit an email stating that I haven't received my package and that I had paid extra for the 3 day shipping. Usally I wouldn't be that concerned but because of how much this in particular item cost. I was worried

They responded back in a timely manner and apologized, refunded me my shipping and sent me a new tracking number

The tracking number didn't work.

About 2 weeks and a few days later I finally got my package. The shipping sucked, I paid extra and still didnt get it in a timely fashion. I would recommend buying from a retail store rather then online

The setup

Setting the watch up was fairly simple. I had no problems that were significant enough that I should mention. Follow the directions and your pretty much set. It does say to have the watch plugged in well setting it up. I didn't do that because I wasn't near a plug but I didnt have any problem with it not being plugged in.

The first week

About a week in I realized that all the videos and unboxings I watched forgot to mention one crucial point of information, a very crucial point that may have stopped me from buying this watch.

You need a wifi/data connection to use this watch.

I know what your thinking "obviously you need a form of internet connection to work the watch"

No no, I mean to even open the app on my phone I had to be connected to a wifi signal. My $30 Amazon smartwatch could open the app without needing wifi...

"Why not use your mobile data?" Because I dont have any on phone.

The next thing I realized real quick was I couldn't use most of the watch functions. The main one I was disappointed about was spotify. I specifically wanted this watch because it was enabled with spotify so when at the gym, walking or whatever, I didn't need my phone in my hand, I can chnage the songs right from the watch.

As long as you had spotify premium. Which I do. I found it odd that a watch that I had to sign into my spotify account on, that requires me to have spotify premium, of which I pay a monthly fee to be able to listen to music add free with no wifi connection needed, that connects to my phone via bluetooth... needed a internet connection to work. Luckily my gym has free wifi.

The connection

The watch connects to your phone via bluetooth and should stay synced. Well, my watch for some reason will disconnect from my phone. It's not even that my phone is out of range. It just disconnect. I noticed when my watch dies I need to manually sync it back up, the same with if I go to far from my phone, I need to manually reconnect.

The variety of notification options are pretty impressive. I have mine set for regular text, phone calls and Facebook messenger but you can get notifications for gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook itself, the list goes on

You can only answer calls and decline them, you cant talk through the watch as there is no microphone, but oddly enough there is a Alexa that you can speak to, she doesnt speak back. Or work half the time. But that was a cool little feature

The subscription

So to use most of the features and use the watch to it's full potential, you need to purchase the subscription. I'm not sure how much this is as I do not have it. I'm sure it's more then I would want to pay for something I need to have a wifi connection for to use.

I did know about this because a few people have mentioned it in their reviews

The subscription allows you to get a more in depth sleep report, fitness programs filtered to you, I don't remember what all the other's were but let's just say you need to buy this subscription to use the watch at it's full potential

Something that I noticed recently is in order to download and use apps on the watch....you need the subscription

Some good things

This watch is fully water resistant. Now that being said dont leave It in a jar of water for 3 months. I have wore mine in the shower, fully submerged in bath water and well washing dishes. Still works perfectly

It is also comfortable to wear to bed. I find some smartwatches are bulky and hurt your wrist sometimes but not this one, I find it's pretty comfy, sometimes I forgot I even have it on

The screen is pretty tough. I've smashed my watch off so many things including the car door, bathroom door, fridge, railings, the table, myself and so far there's only one tiny, barley noticable scratch just on the screen.

You can change the background. You can upload your own or choose from the provided. My previous watch's never let you upload your own photos

Do I reccomend?

Well, yes.

It is a good watch, you just need to have a wifi connection, I didn't know that when purchasing and Fitbit for some reason didn't state it in the description of the watch. Knowing that I probably wouldn't have baught it but I do recommend it.

With all my negative thoughts and comments, Fitbit makes some great watches. Just make sure you do alot of research