Hey luv, it's Myra.

I just might be the girl on your newsfeed to change your life.......

Seven years ago, I was silently praying for a solution. Money was tight, I was a single mom with two babies to care for, and we were living with my Mom. Nobody really knew how badly I was struggling. But I prayed every night that God would make a way for our little family to have more freedom.

One day, I was at work scrolling Instagram and saw something that changed my life! It was a post about a social media marketing business. I had no idea what that was but I felt something deep inside me say JUMP!

Less than 3 months after starting my business, I earned a HUGE bonus and was FINALLY able to take care of my kids without depending on government assistance. I lost my job but because of my online business I didn't lose any sleep. All my bills were paid and I was happier than ever!

Today, I've been so blessed to be aligned with an amazing group of women - THE FREEDOM GIRL GANG. It's a sisterhood much deeper than just a business. We've come together because we want to do more, be more and earn more!

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