Meet Dee

I am a forever student, dedicated Educator, Cultivator of young lives, Caregiver, and Business woman. I have cultivated children using the Reggio Emilia theory, Montessori Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Continuity Theory, Attachment Theory, Power of self Theory, and coaching. Through it all I have learned no matter what the theory is you choose to work with, your children will gain their social and emotional intelligence from what you model for them. Raising empathetic, caring, socially aware, and powerful young beings is my specialty.

"I no longer allow others to control my life"

This Mantra has led me to a life I have always wanted. I am a born Caregiver. At an early age I knew I wanted to help, children, adults, and teens. I knew I was born to help anyone willing to take it. I became an Early Childhood Education teacher. I loved this career more than I thought I would, staking claim as a Master Teacher, Trainer, Caregiver, Leader, and Innovator. Twenty two years later I walked away from it all. I was at the top of the game and I had nothing left to give.
Day one of 2019 I lost my mother, Feb, 14th the marriage I was solely fighting for ended. Oct 12th, I was robbed of all contact with my step-daughter.

I became homeless March 10th, couch surfing until May 19th when I found a place I could afford. Needless to say I was in a state of shock all of 2019, slipping into a depression I never thought I'd get out of. I lived alone making no real effort to heal, from May to Jan, when I moved in with my sister. I became tired of fearing what I would run into living in such a small town. I became a shell of a woman I never want to know again.

I needed the support of my family and to remind myself that I am loved and valued.
I began to reclaim my life and heal. I am alive and living everyday with a smile.

As I heal from the 5 years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse I began to realize and remember how much I was worth.

I realized I gave more to others than I gave to myself. The examples around me growing up I was taught to feel guilty, if I ever took time for myself. I can tell you, that is one of the biggest lies ever told. I began to remember why love helping people. I am a better me when I know you are a better you. Learned coping skills, boundaries, and life affirming skills that I can't keep to myself.

How can I give to others if I have nothing left to give? What am I risking by burning myself out doing for others?

Take the time to care for yourself. You owe it to yourself.