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Meet Houston’s Queen of Cannabis, Mattie Zarena Whitfield, a multi-faceted business woman, author, and mom who is a beacon for entrepreneurs seeking to manifest their dreams.

The Chicago native’s self-starting endeavors began shortly after studying Business at Fisk University. Mattie ventured into real estate and began to document strategies to obtaining sustainable wealth for her future.

Mattie implemented an actionable business plan that landed her into a successful position as CEO of Codac Canna (a CBD wellness brand/warehouse and distribution center), Body Me (a spa line) and Hit Em (an athletic recovery line).

It was Mattie’s intention to name her business Codac Canna as a constant reminder of her goal to transform the way people perceive CBD and cannabis. Her daily mantra of ‘live the life you love, love the life you design’ is an extension of her desire to assist others through manifesting, wealth building and self-love.

While giving birth to her dreams, the manifestor, founded Global Wealthy Women, a feminine organization that encompasses a sophisticated and multi-cultural safe space for alignment to collaborate versus compete. Global Wealthy Women was inspired by the movie The Secret: and Mattie’s life-changing experiences with women.

Mattie is fearless, she has survived physical, and emotional abuse and a house fire where her family lost everything except for hope and vision. Her children are the heartbeat and fuel to her passion for spreading the manifesting formula to other aspiring entrepreneurs and those who seek experiencing a fulfilled life.

Mattie internalized 15 years of being dedicated to studying and living the philosophy of ‘The Law of Attraction’ into studying under international speaker Lisa Nichols.
This birthed her Amazon best seller book “Elevate Your Voice: A Mogul Goddess guide to Kaptivate his Heart and she also created Goddess Affirmation cards [Peacock edition], daily affirmations to assist in elevating your life. The Amazon’s Best Selling Author has been able to manifest several of her dream homes and luxury cars in addition to assisting others to turn their dreams into realities.

Each year Mattie holds an Annual Global Wealthy Women event designed to align and honor successful women who have manifested their success. This community of diverse enterprising women believe in collaboration versus competition for global success. The highly anticipated event has attracted powerhouse speakers and a room full of attendees who are ready to level up their business and lifestyle.

The annual event was such an incredible success that Mattie created an extension, Command Your Vision as a vision board class for entrepreneurs to learn how to create a future of intention, clarity and accountability.