I’m Shawna (she/her)

I’m on a mission to help others show up with radical authenticity.

I don’t believe there is one right way of existing in the world. And when we drop the judgements and show up for our community without an agenda, true connection occurs.

Oh, hey there.

Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

I’m Shawna (she/her)

Passionate about connecting folks to nature, spirit and intuition.

I am a white assuming mixed black woman living in a society that tries to fit me in a box. Spoiler alert, I don’t fit. I’m here to evolve humanity by challenging current schools of thought.

Question Everything.

📍 West Palm Beach, Florida
🏝 Land of Jeaga and Okeechobee Tribes

Co-Founder of Earth Speak Media. Podcast w/ 2M downloads to date, and online Collective for Earth centered intuitives.

- Trauma Informed RYT
- 6 Figure Spirit-led Biz Owner
- Editorial Floral Artist
- UX/UI Designer
- Privilege Educator

📚 Lifelong Learning:
Flower Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Ancestral Medicine, Epigenetic’s and Psychotherapy.

Personality: Projector, INFJ, Taurus Sun, Leo Rising, Aquarius Moon.

What I’m Reading 📖

2021 Book List

A compilation of books I’ve read this year. My book pile is 39 high, so check back for more soon.

Skill in Action - Michelle Cassandra Johnson

I couldn’t DO the work without reading Skill in Action first. As the title implies, this book gives practical strategy for evaluating where white supremacy exists in our inner and outer worlds and what actions we can take to both dismantle racism in our lives but to also guide others in theirs via yoga.

Passing - Nella Larsen

Passing came recommended to me with an invitation to speak on the topic for a Sundance Film Festival discussion. At the time, I had not yet read the book and could only speak from my direct experience. The difference is that I never chose to pass - society chooses for me. You won’t see the ending coming.

How We Show Up - Mia Birdsong

How we show up is a gentle reminder that there are many ways of showing up for ourselves and others in the world. This is a collection of stories driving one closer to connectedness with those in our lives.

The Vanishing Half - Brit Bennett

I guess you could say I have an intimate fascination with black women who pass for white. Back in the day passing meant leaving behind everyone you knew and loved for a chance to live the ‘White American Dream’ but to get caught meant to die.

The Vanishing Half is an easy read and manages to cover hefty topics like Colorism, Classism, Feminism and Transgender transformation in one story.