Hey there! It’s me Terri 👋

Life happens for us not too us. Don’t stop having fun and keep learning! Life is too short! Embrace it all!

Hey hey hey!

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop in and learn a bit more about me.

Who am I...
I am an over 40 Mom to two under 10 (but I don’t feel a day over 25). I love all things health+ wellness+mindset/manifestation, online business & of course Momlife.

I especially love sharing what I’m learning and applying while helping other busy moms live more intentionally, having fun creating more time and flexibility for family all while making an income online.

When this business opportunity opened up for me I had just had my second baby, my job contract was over and I had no income or job to go back to after maternity leave. Being a full time stay at home or even a busy working mom can be lonely. I craved connection with other women like me.

Being open to hearing more about this business opportunity allowed me to meet the most incredible and supportive uplifting community of women.

Not to mention my mindset and how I view my self has improved SO much. I continue to learn and grow every day. There are a lot of amazing ways to improve your self in the process. It’s not just about making money and selling products. It’s so much more for me and I get so excited to share this with others because I know what it’s done for me. You are never alone when you link arms with us.

Everything we manifest into our lives begins with a thought, a belief and from there magic can happen.

If you’re open to just taking a look , awesome! I’d love to share some simple quick info so you can see for yourself. Zero pressure. Only love and support over here ALWAYS.

Can’t wait to chat more.
Love & Light

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