Your Glow-to Guru

Reiki Master and Teacher Spiral Facilitator Certified Sacred Space Holder

I help in mapping out and clearing baggages and blockages that are weighing you down to living a fulfilling life.
Allowing the most aligned powerful version of you to emerge and shine through.

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Emotional Healing

Invite peace and harmony into your life

Helps you to let go of anything and everything that is holding you back from true healing.

Experience SPIRAL

The SPIRAL is the most profound transformational tool for your personal and professional evolution.

Emotional Clearing gives you an opportunity to get CLARITY on your truths and take ALIGNED action to say YES to what you truly desire.

Emotional release involves acknowledging emotions that are stored in the body and releasing the baggages that was blocking your way.

The Spiral is a sequence of emotional release that follows the natural flow of the seven energy centers.

The Spiral creates as a systematic upgrade in frequency creating the capacity and opportunity to grow, allowing your natural strength to shine through.

In simpler terms that means the Spiral helps you release and shed layers of what is weighing you down that you may have held onto for years and allows you to BE your most powerful aligned self!

Energy Healing

Well-known modality to destress and invite peace and calm to our life

Experience Meditation and Mindfulness to a whole new level

Energy Healing helps you feel more align and positive through receiving life-force energy and clearing any energetic blockages

Helps to raise your frequency and promote more positive emotions bringing more love, peace and hamorny

Ease out pains and dissolve any manifestation of blocks in the physical and energetic body

Guides you in alignment and reconnection to your higher self to empower in your way of life

The A🤍Life - Space Love —

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