Who is LULU?

This is what shes made of...

Recording artist, songwriter, producer, and performer, LULU (formally LuluBeatz) is successfully shaping her career in the music scene. The young Pop and R&B artist is bringing her Italian tenacity to the main stage and making a name for herself in the industry.

At 13 years of age, Lulu started to create and produce her own beats and write her own music. Creating music that was along the lines of Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, and Dance. Lulu taught herself Protools and learned essential studio producing, mixing, and mastering skills. Lulu was able to see the advantage of learning theses skills and the power of creating all of her own music as the producer, singer, and songwriter.

Lulu has a performed a great deal of live on-stage performances in Oregon, California, and New York City. She has more recently performed at multiple LGBTQ events and festivals.

Lulu’s single, “Purpose talks about how we all need a purpose. Especially with how involved social media is in our lives [... ] I want my fans to be inspired to go out and discover their purpose. No matter what age or stage they are at in their lives. "

Her latest release “Golden Sun is about having a summer love, and all of the emotions that are tied into it.”
Lulu recently got the opportunity to collaborate with London based, remixer and producer, Joe Sheriff on the Golden Sun Remix. Now available for streaming and download everywhere.