My Story


If you’ve made your way to this page you are probably wondering who I am and what I do!
My name is Ian. I am 23 years young, I completed my bachelors degree in movement science, at the University Michigan, back in 2020. Even after completing college and working towards my graduate degree I realized that my passion & purpose was to serve others and help them achieve their success goals and paint a vision for themselves. However, I knew that wasn’t going to happen with me going to school for another 4 years and being $100k in college debt. So back in 2021 I made the decision to become a digital entrepreneur.

Before starting this journey, I was working 2 jobs, as a rehab aide in a physical therapy clinic and working at my local gym, and I was going to school to apply for a chiropractor program. I chose to study in the chiropractic program because I wanted to help others and transform their bodies to fix whatever may have been wrong with it. But I soon came to realize that I wasn’t passionate about that career path and didn’t want to be working just to pay off student loans for the following years.
However, I found a solution to impact people differently.
NOW… I work from wherever, with whoever, whenever. ONLINE MONEY! I help people leave a job that doesn’t light their souls on fire, and help them create their OWN PERSONAL REALITY.
If you know you are meant to be MORE, this is for you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
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