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Hey there, I’m so glad you made it here.
My name is Stacy and your one step closer to being more acquainted with me.

This site has been created for you to get to know me better and find the services I can help you with.

A little about me...
I currently reside in Toronto, Canada which some of you might call the six
It’s great and the people in the city are awesome.

I love creating. I’m into sewing, art and I’m also a writer focusing mainly on writing children’s books.. I published my first book in October 2019 thanks to Amazon. Check out my book called "LUNA SOUL" by Stacy.

I started my braiding business in August 2019 and so far it’s been amazing.
Starting my own business was not easy but I went for it and haven’t looked back since.
Along with my braiding business, I’ve now partnered with a haircare and skincare company which I am a market partner or distributor.

Here are some things I will provide for you if you make that decision

Training you how to become a Braiding Champ when it comes to braiding, through my one on one mobile braiding sessions. As well as booking a hair appointment with me.

I can provide you with the opportunity of Starting your own business in the haircare/skincare business where you will work alongside me and be apart of a larger community with my other amazing business partners that have also said yes to dreaming bigger turning their dreams to reality.
Also I am here to help mentor you in this business as we help each other.

For those of you that want to get your hands on some bomb axx beauty products, that have been the talk through North America in this industry. At a reasonable rate I can help you with that. I provide full luxury VIP service to my clientele it’s a decision you will never regret choosing for better healthier environmental hair and skincare service.

So with all that being said there’s no coincidence why you are here. So let’s get more acquainted. How can I help you today.l?!!