Top Picks for April

4 Tokyo Station Food Souvenirs to Win Hearts (and Stomachs)

Since we can’t travel too far from home, I decided to shared four foodie souvenirs I love and can’t wait to share once traveling is a thing again

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TOKYO EYE 2020: Tokyo and the Coronavirus: The New Shape of Home

In Tokyo, social businesses are giving a whole new shape to home life. They're creating affordable housing for those facing hardship, and devising "stockpiles" of unique new structures for disaster aid. Let's see how these efforts are progressing even in the midst of a pandemic.

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Japanese Superstitions: Lucky and Unlucky Days

Want to know the best day to book a venue for your wedding or other celebratory event? The traditional Japanese calendar has you covered.

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Kashiwa Shrine: Innovation During COVID-19

Visit Kashiwa Shrine with me

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Japanese Gestures

An (almost) complete guide to body language in Japan

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J-Trip Plan: Earthquake Rehabilitation and Preparedness

We go to Higashi Matsushima and Onagawa 8 years after the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake

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How to Prepare for Natural Disasters in Japan

Being prepared might save your life

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A Beginner’s Guide to Goshuincho

All about goshuin stamps and the goshuincho book

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Free Nara Guidebook

We made the newest official guide for Nara Prefecture. Find out more and download a PDF version via the link below!

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Taifu-ikka — After the Rain Comes Sunshine

This week’s Japanese idiom is all about the weather

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Yudantaiteki — Proceed with Caution

This week’s idiom reminds us to be careful.

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“Chinpunkanpun?” Say What? A Guide To Japan’s “Yojijukugo”

Join us as we explore the wonderful world of yojijukugo (four-character idioms).

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