ICT as Platform for Change

"We get to live in a time that we get to use social media as tool" - Gigi Hadid

Social media platforms are very useful to people. It means a lot and been used to different matter especially in communicating with others and disseminating information worldwide. In this era, the way for discerning information during calamities and this pandemic usually uses social media to inform people about healthy precautions and being aware to the happenings in your surroundings.

Social media platforms also helps people to be aware on what’s happening. Radios and other television news are not totally used as of now because social media replaced it. Haft of the society used this platform in many ways. When you go shopping you don’t need to go to malls or any boutique stores because social media has its own boutique and also had a free delivery so there’s nothing you should worry about. Also when you go buy food no need to go outside cause social media have it. Social media made our life more easier and convenient especially now in this pandemic times. We also have a online selling which links to all shoppers because going to crowded places is prohibited. In terms of calamities, the government agencies have a page in their facebook accounts to post about the weather forecast and possible predictions of the PAGASA. In these times, the families can easily communicate to their relatives to know what’s going and what are the things they can offer for help.

Well thinking of it, there is a big change in the mode of communication between the past and the present. Currently, people uses mobile phones, computers, and other technologies to communicate with other people. It is their tool to be connected with them even if they are miles away from each other. These kinds of communication are faster, easy to use and it is more convenient to most people in today's generation. Unlike in the past, people are writing letters in order to be in touch with the person who's so important to them. The message will be sent months after or more than that before their loved ones received their message. The communication before takes time before they could receive a reply from the person they sent a message. Therefore, the way of communication today is much better than before and makes life easier.

Considering all of these, Social Media really plays a vital role in our lives. Thus, it makes our lives comfortable and we can always access everything in just a click. It is not a burden, in fact, it takes our burden away and makes life more comfortable and easy.