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I had been lurking in the Well-Educated Heart FB group for some time. My mom's cousin ("Aunt Melissa") added me to the group, and I had no idea what I was now a part of. At first I was confused. VERY confused. But I downloaded their app to snoop around and found myself looking through the orientation and Catch The Vision course. Still wasn't sold. But then my friend Brooke is suddenly posting in the group with excitement, saying she wants to add this into her homeschool -- I had no idea she was in the group, let alone knew what WEH was. But if she was excited about it then maybe I should be too. So I downloaded the Catch The Vision course's free PDFs, figured out how to put them on my kindle and away I went into the introduction. It did not take me long to be convinced that this was something special. I'm not usually one to be convinced so easily because I'm somewhat of a skeptic, but with this it was different. The further I read, the more it rearranged my brain and heart to where they felt they should have been all along. It made sense of things for me that I had struggled with for my whole life thus far. This is more than a homeschool "curriculum". It is a philosophy, a way of living, a sanctuary, a university for women, a sacred call. Sounds like an overexaggeration or empty promise -- but ITS NOT. Not for me.

So here I am. Making my way through this course. Inhaling it during every spare minute I have. Gaining hope for the future, inspiration, direction, and joy. And I'm so excited for this preparatory phase in our homeschool journey.

If your life or homeschool is missing something or you feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or blahh -- read this course. Tell me what it does for you!


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