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Pops of Color Collection

Butterfly Bracelets

Bow tie Bracelets

This item can be customized!

Mermaid Scale Bracelets

This item can be customized!

Glitter Bead Earrings

This item can be customized!

“Minimalist” Flower Earrings

This item can be customized!

“CatFish” Earrings

About —

Hello! My name is Eliana and I started IdkJewelry as a creative outlet and a way to help me make some extra money.

My name IdkJewelry (I just pronounce the letters individually to make it seem a little less of a lame name lol. Think I•D•K Jewelry! ) was created purely by the fact that at the time, I couldn’t genuinely think of a better name. I figured I’d just stick with it and sort of make it my own! I can also tell you that if you wanted to hear a profound reason for the name, you could also say “I don’t know” is a phrase used in times of uncertainty and this shop is full of ways to help you find that sense of certainty (granted mainly in accessories) 💕

So what is IdkJewelry?
IdkJewelry is a place where you can find unique handmade pieces of jewelry and some non jewelry items (maybe sometime in the future ;) that hopefully can help you cater to your inner child and leave you feeling confident!