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Made Anew and Holy Temple are out today! Get a listen to them on all the streaming apps!

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Awakening Conference

The Awakening Conference is happening this June 17-18! It'll be. A two day event where we will learn, worship, be in the Word and have our spirits be awakened! We will have a special guest preacher coming in, so it's going to be awesome!

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Seniors 2024!

We want to celebrate all of you this year and we want to get some of your info so we can celebrate with you! So if you're a graduating senior of highschool, fill out the form!

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Fight Club

Fight Club is a new IESTEENS All Boys group! It's an accountability group where boys will meet weekly to check in on each other and journey in life together.

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Bloom is an IESTEENS intergenerational women's group, where teens and their mothers will join and grow, share, and learn with and from one another!

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The IESTEENS theme of the year is called, "BECOMING." It's this continuous process that we're all going through, it's a culmination of what we've been going through since 2022 where we are known by God, we shifting our Perspectives, and now let's let God lead us into Becoming who He calls us to be.

Do you even SOAP??

2023 we read the whole book of Genesis, 2024 we will be reading 1-2 Corinthians and John! SOAP has been a GREAT way to connect with the Word of God, so if you want to join us in reading these awesome books, SOAP with us!

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Sermon notes of the week!

You can use this link to grab the sermon notes for this week's sermon!


If you feel like IESTEENS is your home church then we would love for you to give. You can give your offering through here.

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