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Dear world it’s wonderful to have chickens at our backyard!
I really REALLY like chickens especially chicks cause they are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL. So yesterday we built a nest that looks like one of those things what birds have? yeah now there are eggs on it and i don’t wanna eat them cause i wanna see these cute Chicks
“Hey you.” said my brother
“yeah what?” I replied
“Do you actually wanna see these chicks?” said my brother holding up a cup of coffee.
“Yeah so?” I replied as i walked closer.
“cool cool” he said slowly “cause i want to eat fired eggs”
“the grocery shop is a thing.” i replied “probably you can go there.”
“I don’t have money” he replies then i had to gave him $30 just to order eggs
I looked at one of the eggs though of it “I’m going to name it eggy” i though. As time passes the egg starts to break down. Today looks like the day the chicks were born but instead the 3 of them were hatched and not one and that one was Eggy. As i though “Time has to keep on going. So on Eggy hatched and came the beautiful chick i’ve laid my eyes on.