Who is Ife? What is The Ife and More podcast?

I Talk!

Hi, Im Ife, I talk, and I’m planning on doing it for a living. I was ignorant about the fact that there are other people who feel the way I feel about certain issues and that I wasn’t alone.

Now that I know that there is someone somewhere who is having the same thoughts I’m having, I’m taking full advantage of it by sharing my thoughts through The Ife and more podcast.

This podcast is more than a podcast to me. It is the beginning of my self development and discovery journey.

I find it hard to talk without thinking and rethinking the words, pauses, demonstrations and even expressions all because I don’t know what the other person would think of me.
The ife and More podcast is the beginning my journey to stop caring what other people think and just be me and do me.

It is my comfort zone, my emotions’ really big bag, my personal public space, my own personal podium where I can say anything I want the whole world to hear without giving two shits( yesss, it’s a place where I’m free to cuss too)

The Ife and More Podcast is raw, unfiltered, honest, unscripted and unhindered just like what I want to be at the end of this journey.
This is not a journey I can walk alone and you starting this journey with me is a huge honor.

Welcome Onboard!🥂

PS: The write up above looks really serious and I don’t know where it’s from, I’m rarely serious.
If you think The Ife and more podcast is a podcast where one sad little girl talks about how miserable and sad her life is, CLICK ON THE LINK, LISTEN AND DON’TSTOP LISTENING TILL I PROVE YOU WRONG

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