Who I Am

Style is My Armour

Hey! What up? My name is Inga. I am a teacher. I started this journey at a time in my life when I was being bullied out of my profession. The only thing I had as a protective coat of armour to accompany me every day to work was my personal style. I needed an outlet while I sorted things out. I realized I had to create my own joy. From those ashes, came Iforstyle.

I decided to take my love my for personal styling my lust for hiphop, my confidence and my sassy ass boss bitch personality and fuse it all together. I’m determined not to be broken.

Iforstyle is a lifestyle brand structured around finding the courage to be exactly who the hell you are, right here, right now in this moment. Nope you ain’t too much.

It’s about understanding you don’t have to be one thing, you have the right to be as versatile as you choose.

It’s about finding the courage to set your tone, your boundaries and your standards.

It’s about having the eye to see things in a way that others don’t especially when it comes to personal style.

It’s about understanding that it’s ok to be comfortable in who you are even if that makes others uncomfortable.

Iforstyle is about setting the tone, it’s about having the confidence to be different.

I express all the emotions through my T-shirts and hoodies.

Make a statement without saying a word
Style + Confidence + boldness wrapped in a t-shirt
Opinionated • Unapologetic • Black Female Owned Hiphop💕er