My story

A little about me

My name is Nancy Johnson, I’m a wife, I love food, and I love clean beauty products. In 2021 I was really struggling with my skin for months. My face started breaking out really bad, lots of acne, blemishes, inflammation and redness. It was painful and messed with my confidence so bad. I tried so many different skin care brands and they did not work and some even made my skin worse. After watching a friend share her amazing skin results on IG, I decided to try Monat products. My results were crazy! Swipe to next page to see my transformation! And my skin is still improving!

I then ventured into the hair care products and am blown away. I didn’t necessarily think my hair was that bad, but I was all for trying the products because I knew they would give me great results. The haircare products have helped restore my wave pattern, that went away after many years of dying my hair. So although I didn’t think I “needed” the hair care products, now I see that switching to clean products makes a huge difference.

I knew there was a business opportunity with Monat and after looking at the compensation plan, I decided to join the business opportunity to earn money while sharing my love for the products and community. I’m always looking to partner with other women who want more out of life than just living paycheck to paycheck. Whether it’s a little extra money or financial freedom, let’s connect!

My Skin Results

Since starting my Monat skincare regimen, these are my results! My skincare regimen was customized specifically for my skin type & desired skin results, by my coach. I took her skin quiz and she recommended the right products for me. That’s the same thing I will do to help you!

I simply followed the steps, remained consistent, and watched my skin transform! Some results I’ve noticed is more even skin tone, less breakouts, less redness & inflammation, brighter skin tone, and more confidence :)

Monetize Your Social Media

Hey babe, if you’re here then you want to learn more about how I social sell using social media.

When I found out about Monat, I was really struggling with my skin. I’m no stranger to opportunity when it presents itself. I knew there would be an opportunity for me to earn income while sharing products I love. It’s that simple. Everyone is a “social seller” ..think about the last time you’ve shared a movie you saw that you loved, or a coffee from Starbies that was delicious. Naturally, we like to share. Well, what if you could share some amazing products you love (because you will love them!) and earn extra money doing that? That’s exactly what Monat allows me to do.

I joined this business immediately when I looked at the compensation plan and realized I can build an online business around my busy life. I love that I get to do this business while being my authentic self, sharing my life, showing myself using the products I love, and my results. I was already using social media anyways so it made sense to stop the aimless scrolling and sharing, and learn to use social media to inspire, connect, and build a brand and my own online business.

I love that I get to do this business around my full time job, around being a wife, and just living my life. No need to clock in and trade time for money, instead I am sharing content and being me.

Having healthy skin and hair is amazing, but to be able to share the products that changed my life with others, and help them 1) get results with me AND 2) make money with me, makes me so grateful.

If you’re already using social media, if you’re looking to improve your quality of life; through personal development, enhancing your lifestyle, making extra income, or earning full time income through social media, this may be for you. Remember, you’re already a “social seller” why not use social media to build your own brand and start your own online business?! I get to LEARN as I EARN, and I can show you how I do it. By the way, you can make money in this business without having to RECRUIT A TEAM!

Take my Work With Me consultation on my first page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Later, babes!