My new hair journey :)

Why I joined Monat

hi future Monat babes , I get this question a lot you know “why’d you join Monat if your hair looks perfectly fine “ well I joined Monat thinking at first that these products weren’t gonna work and that they were just gonna be a waste of money so here we go I buy the products and literally 2 weeks in and my hair looks ALIVE and my split ends didnt look that bad anymore so as I kept using Monat I finally made the decision to dye my hair with bleach for the first time in one year , and let me tell you I was so nervous for my hair to fall off or get too hot in the process of dying my hair but because I decided to put my faith in the products I did it anyway and when my hair was washed and all my products were put in my hair I finally brushed it and I was thinking “I already know my hair is gonna fall off or somethings bad gonna happen “ so I finally brushed it and I was so suprised to not see clumps of hair falling off or little hair balls falling off of my hair , so that’s when I knew that I wanted to work with Monat

So when I first joined it was not easy for me to join cause I simply didn’t have the money for it but because I was so motivated and fell in love with the products I decided to forget about that and do it anyways and manifest in to this business , and let me tell you it was the best decision of my life , I joined Monat with the mentality that I can do this and that I can make it in this company and every single day I wake up with that same motivation, the financial freedom I have now is not what I used to have , I would clock in at my job in pacsun and would hate working there at times and I knew this wasn’t enough to help my family , I would be working 3 or 4 times a week and every single time I requested for more hours they just wouldn’t give them to me but I needed the money so then I started working at hollister as a seasonal employee and after all the holiday sales in December , all the hours I worked , all the times that I would stay in the stores until 3am to close , after all of that I only got a check of $300 only because of Hollister because if it wasn’t for my second job I would have made $200 , and for me that’s enough but not to help my family the way I want to , and buy things for my family members also so I knew I needed a change in my life right away

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