Happy 8th Mensiversary!

hello sweetie! happy 8th monthsary! it's great i can always be with you so far. lucky me, i could be blessed with an angel like you for eight of my beloved months.

i honestly don’t know how to tell you what a love poem that fit my deepest feelings with you, this love like can no longer just be told in words.

moonlight is the sign of the most beautiful night when the stars accompany it, the night sky adorns the warm night. just imagine like me, and i am the happiest person when you accompany me, my cold becomes warmth when i am with you.

you, just contain three letters, but are so meaningful to me. you, who have the prettiest smile. you, who have a cute nature. you, who brightly illuminated my day. you really mean to me, means everything i need.

if only by seeing your presence i could be the happiest and all my life’s needs are met, i would be happy to do nothing else, because being with you is all i needs.

like crap seduction, cheap and classic. but i didn’t know how, i admit i become exaggerated when i’m with you. i love you more than your expect, i love you more than that i guess.

this feelings is uncountable and not enough to be compared to the extent of the sea, the size of the world, the amount of sand on the desert.

have you ever considered how i could easily say i love you? have you ever doubted it? might you ever been considered it just like how i can be easily say i love you, am i serious or just do because i’m used to it.

it's been eight months we've walked together, talked to each other, hugged and cared for each other. not for a short day, but it counted two hundreds days and more.

not a habit, but the feeling that growing up and unbearable. i want you to know, but believe me when i say i love you i feel that it’s not enough just to use those words to express it. i need more, more than that, bigger than that, more and more than that. because this feelings is more than just i love you that everyone usually use.

i hope you can always stand by my side and hold my hand wherever you go. i loveeee you so damn much!! <3