Been there? Done that?

….and now only interested in self-development and feeling whole? cause same.

So if you’re ready to invest in your
✨mental game
✨unpack trauma
✨unlearn limiting beliefs
✨re-discover yourself
✨chase your true passions/dreams
✨and just be genuinely fkn happpppyyyy

Well then here’s an opportunity to get you on path with finding your centre/best self as well as making bank 💸

My vision here is to live a life that allows me to make choices based on soul alignment and not circumstances.
Or in todays slang, a ‘YOLO’ lifestyle ✌🏾

If any of this aligns with you, swipe left. Let’s get this bag! 💰

Ikram Elabssi

Hi, Kia Orana & Assalamu alaikum 👋🏾

My name is Ikram, I’m 24. NZ born, Cook Island bred & half Moroccan. Currently based in Palmy, NZ📍

I dedicated 5 years of my life to my last 9-5, working as a bank officer and have only just come to question my true intentions with how I want to live this life and what I want to take away from it.

I’m not one to take people for a ride and so I’m going to leave here what I was looking for when first stumbling across this platform.

What this platform offers is not a product. In fact, the best way I can describe this is it being a gym membership for the mind.

It offers you LITERALLY everything you need to become your best self and I can guarantee you, once we start the inner-work the results are not far behind, and it’ll show - in both internal and external areas of your life! The only difference here is that unlike the gym, you can use this to build an extra stream of uncapped income 💸

If this interests you, shoot me a dm! I promise no awkward sale pitches, just a real, person to person conversation. Don’t be shy to ask the skeptical questions either, been there and am happy to share with you what I found✌🏽

You never work a day in your life, if it’s you you’re working on 🔨