Hey, I’m Lana

I am an abstract artist living and working in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. My work as of late has been an exploration of color and mark making with childlike perspective. I’ve loved painting from a space of freedom to just enjoy the process of creating. I pay attention to the feeling of the materials in my hands, the vibrancy of colors together that just make me happy. Everything just for the joy of it, just because I like it,and just to make some beauty.

I grew up along the east coastline of Florida. The vibrant colors of the ocean, tropical plants and flowers have informed the use of bold and bright colors in my work. I can currently be found in looking for beauty in the rolling green hills of Tennessee instead of the ocean waves. Nature is where I am most happy and the subject I draw inspiration from often.

I started being more disciplined in my pursuit of making art in 2014. I am self taught, creating work by staying curious, experimenting with mediums and finding my own intuitive technique. I follow the joy in my work, finding ways of creating and subjects that bring me life and then I make more of that. I have exhibited my work mainly online and in local gallery spaces.

I would be happy to do a commissioned piece for you.

Commission spaces for 2023 have just opened! Space is limited. Email for availability and pricing.